Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 29

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In the hospital

Liu Mu was sent to the hospital. He almost got a miscarriage, but still saved, but he woke up in the same despair.

Cheng Hai checked Cheng Mu's blood for the baby in his stomach and then does a physical examination for Cheng Mu again.

The first, the blood test, the child had nothing to do with Cheng Mu.

The second, physical examination, the fact that Cheng Mu's infertility was iron-like was clearly listed in the report.

But for these two examinations, Cheng Hai deliberately found three major hospitals to do it, three identical reports were thrown in front of the stupid Cheng Mu and You Liqing.

Then, Cheng Hai asked Yu Zhen to take out two videos. One was how Liu Mu put medicine into two drinks with the waiter in the back kitchen of the cafe.

This scene made the room into a suffocating silence. You Liqing and Cheng Mu were stunned, and Liu Mu's face was pale and embarrassed.

"This... this is..."

"Keep quiet and watch!" Cheng Hai said in a cold voice.

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The words fell and quiet, just look at the screen and saw that Li Xiao was out of the cafe first. The screen was a little closer, as if it was replaced by a monitor at the entrance of the store. As soon as Li Xiao left the shop, he fell straight down. Liu Mu appeared and carried him away. Cheng Hai in the cafe also fell down within a short while, and the waiter also left to the back door with him back on his back.

The scene was changed, the scene was the decoration of the hotel. Cheng Hai and Li Xiao were carried in on their backs, and then they inquired the front desk. Then they seemed to say that they don't even need to register. The front desk staff led them directly.

The surveillance footage was clearly shown. After the unconscious Cheng Hai and Li Xiao were carried back into the room, the sober Liu Mu and the waiter come out, and then they eagerly kissed each other and went into the next room before closing the door.

After playing the videos, Liu Mu, who was lying on the bed, really wanted to faint. The room was suffocating and quiet. Only Cheng Hai looked at him coldly.

The truth had come out.


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