Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 28

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Hung up the communication and looked up, You Liqing looked very ugly, looking at him in a haze, "Do you want to kill someone?"

Cheng Hai smiled. Does he looked like this in his wife's eyes? He felt more tired, but he had to deal with these things!

"Ah Qing, you never believed me once."

"How do you want me to believe when the evidence is solid!?"

Cheng Hai smiled bitterly when he heard that. Yes, it's true that he had sex with Li Xiao. How could people believe it and what position should people believe?

"Ah Hai... Liqing, this kid is not for you, you will all be hurt one day." Many years ago, his father, who had not died, told himself sincerely.

What did he return then? "Even if I get hurt, I chose him for loving him."

Changed too much for love, in the end, is it good or not?

"Where's Ah Mu?" Cheng Hai doesn't want to talk about this topic again, so he turned away directly.

"Accompanied Liu Mu to the prenatal examination."

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Cheng Hai stopped when he heard Liu Mu and turned his head quickly. At this time, the communicator lighted up again. Yu Zhen passed all the information to him. At the beginning, he told himself that they thought too seriously a month ago!

Looking at the personal window pulled down, the information and photos could be seen clearly. When he walked in at the gate, he turned his head. Cheng Mu carefully protected a young man. When he saw the man clearly, Cheng Hai felt that the murderous heart that hadn't been there for many years was clamoring at this moment. It turned out that their home was destroyed just to rob a man!!

A human life and a small life were ruthlessly ruined!

"Ah Zhen, come here And call the police by the way."

"Call the police?" You Liqing was puzzled.

"What are you doing here!" Cheng Mu roared.

Cheng Hai sneered and looked at Liu Mu beside Cheng Mu like a dead man, "I'm your father! Why can't I come here? This home is still in my name!"

Liu Mu's eyes widened. He couldn't believe it. His charming face paled. His legs softened when he saw his bloodthirsty eyes, which made him even more scared. There was a huge pain in his stomach, which made him look down. The blood on his clothes pierced his eyes.



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