Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 27

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"Just now, we found that the patient was a depression patient. What's worse, he had just miscarried. Unfortunately, the time you sent him was a step too late!"

"…" Cheng Hai was startled, almost untenable, but fortunately, Yu Zhen held him up.

"Doctor, the patient has just divorced. This is the patient's father-in-law!"

"So what! You even let a depressed pregnant husband alone at home and suffer from stimulation! That's two lives for one corpse!"

"Ah Zhen..." Cheng Hai grabbed his friend and signaled him not to talk. He looked at the doctor, "Doctor... Ah Xiao, he... he..."

"Sorry... I didn't save it."


The doctor said and left. Cheng Hai asked his friend to help him to a chair, not daring to talk. "How could it be... I only went abroad for a month... Only a month ago he said that... He will take the child away... why... why... what the hell's going on here?"


|| Act Three ||

"What happened to daddy?" Two children's voices rushed out with one voice. At the same time, Cheng Hai felt that someone was pulling his clothes. When he looked down, the two children looked at him in fear. "Is daddy sick? Why doesn't he get up? We don't quarrel with daddy. Can you tell us when daddy will get better?"

Cheng Hai was shocked and squatted down slowly, holding the two children tightly. "Your daddy is very tired... so he fell asleep and traveled far away. He could only travel alone."

"Then daddy...will he come back?"

Cheng Hai held the child tighter, "Yes, when you two grow up... he'll be back."

"Are you Li Xiao's father-in-law?" Lan Feier interjected suddenly, causing several people to look at him.

"Who are you?" Cheng Hai asked.

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Lan Fei'er didn't answer and continued to speak with an overcast face. "You know, your wife rushed into Li Xiao's office early yesterday morning and showed a sex tape directly, saying that you had a secret relationship with Li Xiao..."

"What are you talking about?" Cheng Hai said in dismay.


You Liqing opened the door, and his husband Cheng Hai stood at the door alone. The former gave a cold face and leaned over to let him in.

"What happened?" Cheng Hai's first sentence when he entered the house.

You Liqing sneered. He walked into the living room, picked up the player on the table and gave it to him. Cheng Hai then opened it and looked at it. At the beginning, his brows frowned, and shock flashed in his eyes until he finished watching.

"Where is this from?"

"Maybe someone can't see you. Send these to Ah Mu's mailbox."

Suddenly, Cheng Hai's communicator rang. It was broadcast by Yu Zhen. Yu Zhen said it quickly, which made Cheng Hai’s face became ashen. The general idea was that the waiter from a month ago had been found. According to the confession, it's not Cheng Hai's enemy, but aimed at Li Xiao!

"Photos of the accomplices will be sent to me later, and I will give you a set of accounts. You can check them for me. Someone recently sent a video to this account."

Yu Zhen heard the words and could only said, [Give me a few minutes.]

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