Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 26

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Cheng Hai was stunned and hadn't responded yet. There was already a beep from the other end of the phone. Raised his eyebrows, and then broadcast it to You Liqing.

"Wife, Ah Xiao, he's not right. Go and see..." his words were not over, and there was another scream on the other end of the phone!

[Cheng Hai, are you human or not? You let me care when you finish that kind of thing!!]

"What are you talking about?" Cheng Hai was at a loss.

[It's none of my business whether Li Xiao is dead or alive!! You wait for the divorce letter!!]

"…" A beep came from the phone. Cheng Hai's brows were locked tightly. He stood up and broadcast it to his old friend.

[Boss, what's the matter?] The voice of Yu Zhen came.

"What happened at home?"

[Ha?] Yu Zhen responded blankly, [You Liqing, is that guy crazy again?]

"What should have happened? When Li Xiao called the children just now, the tone was very wrong. Then I called Cheng Mu and Ah Qing and they actually scolded me. What misunderstanding might have happened! Can you help me to see Li Xiao first?"

[Haha, boss, the first time you care about someone else when your wife has problems!]

"…" Cheng Hai was stunned and immediately scowled, "Ah Xiao is the father of two children!! What if he's going to have an accident? And Ah Qing is not a child who can handle problems!"

[Ok, ok, I'm going to see Li Xiao now. What are you excited about?] Yu Zhen doesn't have a good way, and then he doesn't reply to Cheng Hai, so he quickly hung up the communication!


At about eight o'clock in the evening

Lan Fei'er looked a little uneasy. Standing in front of the door of Li Xiao's apartment, he had been ringing the doorbell for half an hour. He had no response at all. Remembering Li Xiao's despair, he was afraid to go to the apartment administrator to open the door. As soon as he opened the door, he rushed in to find someone. But as soon as he entered the master bedroom, he only saw Li Xiao lying quietly on the bed with a medicine bag scattered on the ground. His face was as gray as a dead person.

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"Go and call an ambulance!"

Yu Zhen's face was very angry because it took him a little time to check Li Xiao's new address, but the road was not near. As a result, he got stuck in traffic again, which made him angry. Finally, he spent an hour to get under the apartment building of Li Xiao's new address, but he saw an ambulance parked at the door, which made him rush forward with a clatter in his heart.

At the same time, the medical staff at the front door pulled out a stretcher and rushed forward to have a look. His face was pale with fright.

It's not other people on the stretcher, it's Li Xiao he looking for!!

"Who are you? Is it Li Xiao's friend?" Lan Fei'er asked when he came.

"Yes, what happened to Li Xiao?"

"Li Xiao committed suicide by swallowing medicine!"



When Cheng Hai took his children back to home and went to the operating room of the hospital, it was almost the morning of the next day. When he arrived, the operating room was just opened, and the doctor in charge looked ugly.

"Who are the family members, please?"

"I'm his..." father-in-law. He didn't finish speak yet but the doctor scolded him loudly.


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