Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 25

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Until the window turned golden, Li Xiao stopped weeping, calmly looked at the bright red, and then quietly got up and went into the bathroom to wash. After washing, he wiped the floor clean. After all, he sat down in front of the bookcase, took out the paper and pen, and wrote quietly.

After writing, Li Xiao put down his pen and broadcast the communication on his wrist. After a while, the phone was connected, and the children's voices came from the other end of the phone. The lovely voices warmed Li Xiao's face.

[Wow! Daddy's call~~~ Ah Wu, come! I let out the sound!!]

[Daddy! Daddy! Are you coming? Three weeks! We miss you so much!]

"Baby... daddy may break his appointment with you. Daddy is useless, and there is no way to protect you."

[Daddy... are you okay? Are you not coming?]

Suddenly, the phone seems to shift, the next second, Cheng Hai's voice came, [Ah Xiao, what happened?]

Suddenly he heard Cheng Hai's voice. Li Xiao's fingernail of the other hand was inserted into the flesh of his palm for a moment, and the blood was flowing slowly. "It's ok... I miss my kids..."

Of course, Cheng Hai didn't believe it. He could hear that Li Xiao's voice seemed not right as if he had just cried. [It's okay, why are you crying?]

Li Xiao did not answer when he heard the words, biting his lower lip, a strange light flashed in his eyes. "Will you take care of the children?"

[What nonsense do you say? Of course, I will take care of the children!]

"That's good. I'm calling to tell you... the children don't need to change their surnames. I hope... you can take good care of them."

[Ah Xiao, what happened?]

Li Xiao smiled in a daze, desolate and sad, "And... I'm sorry."


Without a word, Li Xiao hung up and then converted the communication to sleep mode. After finishing these actions, Li Xiao took the medicine bag with a cold expression, which contained more than 20 pills.

"You Liqing, Cheng Mu, if you force me to survive like this, then I will force you too. Let your husband and father be ashamed of me for the rest of his live!!"

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Far abroad, Cheng Hai stared at the children's communicator. He had a very bad feeling in his heart!

"Daddy is so strange..."

"Daddy is so strange..."

The two children felt terrified and looked at Cheng Hai with red eyes. "Don't be afraid, we'll go back tomorrow!"

"Okay!" The two boys nodded again and said in unison.

After Cheng Hai calmed them down, he hurriedly broadcasted his own communicator to Cheng Mu, but when he was connected, Cheng Mu's voice was very loud.

[What are you doing!!]

"Ah Mu, Ah Xiao was very upset when he just called the child. Go and have a look..."

Before the end of the conversation, there was a scream from the other end of the phone, [Bah! You bastard, don't disgust me!!]


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