Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 24

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Li Xiao walked out of the company, followed by Lan Fei'er, with a worried look on his face, while Li Xiao was in a trance, so he took a taxi and got on, while Lan Fei'er also rushed up, regardless of the others, and closed the door directly.

"Driver, please drive."

"…" Li Xiao was speechless and had to tell the driver the address of his apartment.

Today, it was the last day for the company to transfer the position. Originally, he could pick up the children happily tomorrow. As a result, such an unexpected thing happened today, which made his boss change his words and become dismissed for something!

I will sue the court, and then use means to make you unable to survive in this society!"

The words of his former mother-in-law, You Liqing, were like a magic spell, which made people feel cold physically and mentally. Li Xiao was at a loss. You Liqing's means, he remembered. When he first married his family, You Liqing secretly and openly made him look ugly because he had no news about his stomach for half a year. It's not easy to give him good words at home. He could also use the means to transfer him from one department to another.

He didn't know about it, but he was optimistic about it and expected his seniors to tell him that he had seen his mother-in-law came to see his boss...

There was a kind of sad despair in his heart. Now You Liqing had that video in his hand. No matter how good Cheng Hai was, there was no other way. Does that mean that his children would definitely be taken away!?

"Ah Xiao, your home!"

Li Xiao looked back and founds that he doesn't know when to stand at the door. He silently took out the key to open the door, but he doesn't push it. He just turned his head and looked at Lan Fei'er.

"Fei'er...thank you, you can leave me alone."

Lan Fei'er wanted to say no, because he looked at Li Xiao's appearance and was really upset. Although he had only been with Li Xiao for less than a year and a half, he really thought that Li Xiao was not the kind of person who seduced other people's husbands.

Li Xiao was a very ambitious person. It was said that before he gave birth to children, he was the head of a planning group. It was said that he would be transferred to a small department as a business person. Moreover, because his mother-in-law asked him to give birth to children, he was not allowed to work too hard and was demoted.

In addition, when he saw the scene in the morning, the mother-in-law saw that his son couldn't talk to Li Xiao, so he released the video without saying a word. If the person in the video was really Li Xiao and his father-in-law, his mother-in-law said that he would release the video! Doesn't he feel ashamed of it? Wasn’t the other person in the film his own husband?

"Ah Xiao, I believe you. You are not that kind of person." Lan Fei'er suddenly said.

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Li Xiao was taken aback when he heard the words, and smiled in a trance, "Thank you."

With that, Li Xiao entered the house and isolated Lan Feier outside the door.

Li Xiao threw the whole case box on the ground and looked up. The apartment was not big, with two rooms, one living room and one kitchen. He ignored the mess. Like a ghost, he walked into his room and took out a bag of medicine in front of the cabinet.

If someone who was knowledgeable in medicine saw the ingredients in this medicine bag, he may frown. This medicine was an antidepressant. What's more worrying was that once the depression was stimulated, it's easy to have an accident!

With his hand trembling, he swallowed the pill, tears also fell. The unwilling anger, pain, regret all poured into his heart. No longer wanted to restrain himself, Li Xiao burst out crying.

"Cheng Mu... You Liqing... you scumbags... scum.... scum!"

Lan Fei'er, who was ignored outside the door, heard the roar and cry, and his heart also felt the anger and sadness inside. He bit his lower lip when he thought of the face that looked like his mother!

Even if his mother thought that she had no face to meet this person who may be her son, but if it was true, how could he let others bully his brother!!

He wanted to find out!

Strangely, not long after swallowing the medicine, there was a huge pain in his stomach. He bowed his head stupidly, and then saw blood staining his pants.

"No... no..." Li Xiao shook his head in horror and hugged his stomach. He didn't want to give up the child, although the child came by accident!

Li Xiao collapsed. In the first half of his marriage to Cheng Mu, his mother-in-law made it difficult and was said to be a chicken that could not lay eggs. As a result, it's his husband, Cheng Mu's problem. The next thing was out of control. His mother-in-law asked him to have a baby with his father-in-law!

Then, the children grew up day by day, but it became Cheng Mu's heart disease. The children were not like him, but turned his head, and everything became his fault!!

He wanted to scream. What was wrong with him!?

Li Xiao changed from cry loudly to scream and cry bitterly. From crying to heartbreak to the bottom of his heart. From crying to calmness, crying to the point where the tears dried out.


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