Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 23

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Three weeks later

Li Xiao looked at the pregnancy test stick on his hand with an empty expression. He sat in the bathroom with his weakened leg. He was so confused that he doesn't know what to do.

The bad thing was not over yet. After two days, the more shocking things come to him. You Liqing and Cheng Mu, his ex-husbands, find him in the company and yelled at him.

"You bitch! Is it that you and dad bribe the hospital to tricked me that I'm sick, and then you can sleep with my dad with peace of mind!"

"I don't understand what you're saying." Li Xiao frowned and felt a little uneasy. He couldn't understand the meaning of his ex-husband's words. When did he bribed the hospital with his father?

"Liu Mu, he has been pregnant for a month!"

"What if he's pregnant? Do you mean I lied to you with dad about your illness? Cheng Mu, what's wrong with you?" Li Xiao's face turned black and he couldn't believe it. He looked at his ex-husband. How shameless he was. He promised his wife to sleep with another man for the sake of his family. Then he cheated on him for the sake of his child's appearance and felt that he had betrayed him. Up to now, he still had a problem in his head. He thought that his infertility was a trick from his father!?

Seeing that his son was defeated by Li Xiao, You Liqing stood up, took out two palm-sized players and clicked them on. Suddenly, the fierce love affair between Li Xiao and another man was directly shown in the eyes of everyone in the office.

"Li Xiao, you dare to seduce your father-in-law. How disgusting are you? Why don't you seduce other people's fathers, but you seduce my husband!"

"I didn't!"

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"The film is the evidence!" You Liqing roared.

"I said I didn't!" Li Xiao gritted his teeth, "I was framed!"

"Bah!" Cheng Mu spitted, "You can also say such things!"

You Liqing sneered, approached him and whispered in his ear, "Li Xiao, if you dare to seduce my husband, I'll ask you to pay the price. I'll take back all the things my husband gave you, as well as the two children and I'll sue in court, and then use means to make you unable to survive in this society!"

Li Xiao's face was green, and the groaning sound from the player was still ringing in his ears, and he sat back on the chair feebly, he felt confused.

Before noon, Li Xiao was called by the people above and told him to go straight away. With a calm face, he went back to his position and collected his things silently, while his colleague Lan Fei'er who was sitting on the side also got up to help.

"No, I'll do it myself." Li Xiao doesn't want to trouble other people. He just wanted to leave quietly.

"I said, Ah Xiao, you! You look too much like my mother, I can't help, otherwise, I feel so unfilial!"

"…" Li Xiao felt tired and doesn't want to waste any more time here to be pointed out. Besides, Lan Fei'er usually had a good relationship with him, so he no longer refused.

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