Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 22

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Li Xiao felt that he was about to catch fire. There was a fire burning his body and mind. He couldn't concentrate his mind. Suddenly he touched himself with his hands, which made him groan involuntarily.


Cheng Hai had no consciousness, completely relied on his instinct. His body seemed to be burning, frantically urging him to solve the source of the heat. Unconsciously groped with his hands, but he touched something next to him and fumbled for something unknown all over his body. He instinctively knew that touching this thing would definitely solve his problem. In particular, this thing would even make a seductive moan. He immediately pressed the thing under his body excitedly.

*Rrrip* the sound of cloth ripped.

Cheng Hai rudely tore the clothes, eagerly untied his pants, and then groped for the body under him with his hands. He pulled the legs apart and then lowered his waist mercilessly!

"Ahhh—" The voice of the scream was sticky and anxious. Li Xiao felt very painful, but he felt more satisfied.

Cheng Hai let out a low growl, ruthlessly pressed down the people under him to stop him from escaping, then began to ruthlessly entered in and out the little hole that made people extremely ecstasy.

"Ah... It's so big... awesome... ahh..." Li Xiao was so excited by the drug that he couldn't control it. He was so thirsty that he cocked up his hips to let the thing in and out more smoothly.

"Wife... oh... you're great..." Cheng Hai panted, kissing the body of the person under him, and strode and twitching in and out without any slowness.

"Ahh... great... nnh... haa..."

Li Xiao moaned endlessly, hugged the person who was pressing on him with both hands and cater up to.

Two people who have no self-consciousness at this moment have only instincts, entangled crazily, accompanied by obscene gasping would be broken into pieces, finally revealed the truth that they tried to hide in the past and could no longer deceive themselves.

The following day

When Li Xiao woke up, his whole body was sore that his face turned pale with pain. When he turned his head to look aside clearly, the rough sleeping face of his former father-in-law, Cheng Hai, came into his eyes. Li Xiao was surprised and began to rewind in his mind...

He just walked out of the coffee shop last night, suddenly his eyelids were heavy, and he fell down before he could react!!

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There were bursts of pain behind him. No matter how stupid Li Xiao was, he wouldn't know what was happened. He actually... actually went to bed with his father-in-law again!

Li Xiao's face was extremely ugly as if he would faint at any time. He gritted his teeth and tried to get out of bed to get dressed, only to find that his clothes on the ground were all broken rags. Then he turned to see that Cheng Hai's clothes were still in good condition, only the buttons had been torn off. He could imagine how crazy he was last night. He took his intact pants and clothes and put them on, put away all his broken rags then he left quickly by supporting the wall.

An hour later, Cheng Hai also woke up. He was stunned for a while, and his mind automatically played what happened last night. Combined with the current situation, he was calculated!!

Sat up abruptly, cursed, and quickly broadcasted the communicator on his wrist to Li Xiao, "Hello... Ah Xiao... did nothing happen to you last night?"

When the words fell, a noisy voice came from the other side of the phone. It was obvious that Li Xiao was outside. Li Xiao just said that he was busy, so he hung up the phone in a hurry, caused Cheng Hai to frown. Looking around, he found that he didn't have any clothes, only a pool of blood on the sheet proved the absurdity of last night!

Does anyone wanted to calculate themselves!?

Li Xiao should be all right. It's his own business. Could it be that those enemies have come here again!?

Cheng Hai had a black face and broadcasted the communicator to Yu Zhen to ask him to check what his former enemy had done recently, but he didn't know that he himself was looking in the wrong direction!

Looked around and found that he didn't even have any clothes, only a pool of blood on the sheet proved the absurdity of last night!

Cheng Hai wanted to stay two more days to find out who dared to play such a dirty trick on him, but the company was urging him. As a last resort, he had to hand it over to his friend to check. He could only turn around and go abroad to be busy.

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