Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 21

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This smile made the atmosphere much more relaxed. Cheng Hai asked Yu Zhen to sit down and said, "The children will be taken abroad by Yu Zhen today. I have something else to do. I will not go abroad until tomorrow."

Li Xiao nodded, his face was a bit bad, and the children ran back to him and sat down beside him. "Daddy~"

"Hey, wait for daddy. It won't be long."

"Okay." The two children nodded so cleverly.

Finally, for the sake of flight time, Yu Zhen took the children first, while Cheng Hai and LiXiao stayed in the original place and watched the little figures go away for a long time.

Cheng Hai turned his head and found that Li Xiao's face had become very bad, which made him surprised. But Li Xiao was sitting back in his chair.

At this time, the waiter brought two plates of drinks to congratulate them on being the lucky guests of their shop and getting the special drinks from the owner himself.

The two thanked indifferently and took a drink. Upon seeing this, the waiter twitched his eyes and left with a smile.

The two sitting in the same position were silent. Li Xiao quickly finished his drink and broke the deadlock quietly, "Thank you, thank you."

Cheng Hai looked up and saw Li Xiao stand up, but he didn't look at him, "It's time for me to go."

Cheng Hai was quiet from the beginning to the end. He just watched the person walk away in silence. Drank the drinks on the table in one breath, and then continued to sit quietly. He doesn't know what he was thinking about. But somehow, he began to feel his eyelids became heavy. When he wanted to stand up, he fell on the table with his eyes darkened.

In the back alley of the coffee shop, a waiter drove into a car. Carrying Cheng Hai on his back, he approached the door. The door opens automatically. Liu Mu, who was smiling happily, sat inside, and beside him was the unconscious Li Xiao.

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