Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 20

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Li Xiao wanted to speak, but he quickly covered his mouth with his hand, almost shouting a few words to the admiral. However, when Cheng Hai and Yu Zhen look at him with strange eyes, he smiled awkwardly.

"Mr. Yu, I haven't seen you for many years."

Yu Zhen was stunned and looked at the young man again. Then he opened his eyes wide and exclaimed, "The hell! You, aren't you Lao Li's son!!"

"Yes, I really appreciate your help back then."

"You two know each other?" Cheng Hai was surprised, feeling a little uncomfortable in his heart, but he did not think deeply why.

"Boss Cheng! Lao Li— Li Chengyou, his son!"

"!!!" Cheng Hai was also shocked.

"Well, when Lao Li died, you just happened to be ill. Originally you should replace him, but I went instead. You didn't see him. No wonder you didn't recognize him! Alas, when you, Xiao Li retired from the army, we were very disappointed! You had a lot of potential back then!"

Li Xiao pulled the corner of the mouth, having no idea what to say, but Cheng Hai was surprised, "You've been in the army, and then retired!?"

"Yes... This is my father's last wish. I hope I can find someone to live my life and not end up in hatred like him." Sadly, the father who suffered mutiny back then did not expect that his son would sacrifice for love, but in the end, there was no good result.

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"…" A few people were quiet, except for two children who looked at Yu Zhen curiously and made Yu Zhen notice. Ha ha, they sat opposite each other with a smile.

"Oh, two handsome boys, I'm your grandfather's good friend, grandpa Yu Zhen."

The two children blinked and opened their mouths, "Hello, Uncle Yu."

Cheng Hai and Li Xiao: "......"

Yu Zhen was stunned for a second and immediately burst out laughing, "Hey, that's a sweet mouth! Give you two big red envelopes later!"


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