Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 19

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Walking out of the gate of Cheng's house, the sky had been stained with black ink, and the street lights lighten up the whole road. Li Xiao stopped slowly and turned to look at Cheng Hai, "At the coffee shop, I want to spend more time with the children."


The coffee shop was flowing with a relaxed tune. In a remote corner, two big men and two small children were sitting. The two children were close to Li Xiao, listening to the gentle tone of a soft voice.

"Daddy won't leave you. Going abroad is only temporary, because daddy's work needs to be transferred for three weeks. After three weeks, daddy will pick you up, and then the three of us will play around, ok?" The two children nodded obediently with expressionless faces. They were just like Cheng Hai, but Li Xiao didn't have time to pay attention because the children held his waist tightly.

"Daddy, we love you."

"Daddy loves you too. I love you two so much."

Then, the two children smiled sweetly and happily. Cheng Hai, who was sitting on the ither side, looked at them quietly, not knowing what he was thinking. Suddenly, the two children let Li Xiao go and jump out of the chair. They run to Cheng Hai and look up at him, which made him stunned.

"What's the matter?"

The two children blinked, then reached out and spoke at the same time. "Hug~"

Cheng Hai was taken aback, then laughed. He held one in each hand and put them both on his thighs. As soon as the two children sit down, they hold Cheng Hai's waist tightly.

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"We love you, too."

Cheng Hai was stunned again. He didn't find that Li Xiao snickering when he saw his dull smile. He only felt that the pain in his heart had warmed slightly.

As soon as Yu Zhen walked into the coffee shop, he saw his old friend holding two children. His old friend looked very relaxed and cheerful. Their appearance was eight-points resembled him. A handsome young man sat aside with a smile. The picture seemed like a family, which made Yuzhen looked at them more.

"Boss Cheng."

Hearing the sound, the two big and two small men looked up at the same time. This kind of tacit understanding made Yu Zhen feel very funny, but the young man's eyes widened as soon as he saw him.


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