Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 18

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Bowen and Bowu were called out of bed and let Li Xiao lead them out of the door. As soon as they get out of the door, they listen to Cheng Mu's shout and rushed viciously when he saw them.

"Have you ever asked the children about their wishes!? No, right!! Bowen, Bowu, you two say! You won't go with him. Daddy and dad are divorced. If you go with him, he can't take care of you. Dad can! Dad will definitely love you!"

The two children were scared to shrink behind Li Xiao, which made Li Xiao black, stand firm and southed back directly, "Don't yell at children!"

With this shout, the entire living room quieted down. Li Xiao had a good temper since he married Cheng Mu.

Even when he couldn't have a baby with Cheng Mu back then, he was scolded by his mother-in-law as a chicken who couldn't lay eggs. He didn't shout or change his face.

But at that time, he endured for Cheng Mu. Now, he doesn't need to endured it anymore, especially for Cheng Mu!

"Cheng Mu, you said that I can't take care of my children. Are you telling a big joke! Since the birth of the children, will you cook, bathe and coax them to sleep!? No! When they were born, you didn’t touch the baby bottle either! If you will take care of them, you will ask for a caretaker! And then accompany your little lover and turn a blind eye to your children!"

"You know what I'm going to do again!"

"How can I not know! The only thing I don’t know is that I have tolerated too much for you, and you can say that I am unworthy for you!"

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"Ah Xiao!"

You Liqing blocked his son and looked at Li Xiao with gloomy eyes. Li Xiao doesn't care and took the children walked towards the door. Cheng Hai turned his head and left too. Making You Liqing screamed.

"Ah Hai, you're going too!"

"I can't even discipline my own son, can I?"

"That's two different things!"

"You forget, just now you said that if I want to fight my son again, you will divorce me. I never thought about divorce, but if I stay, I will definitely fight. So I'll leave."

You Liqing was so speechless that he doesn't know how to answer, but he knew that his husband loved him. If he made more noise, his husband would be as usual. But before he spoke, Cheng Hai had already strode out of the door.

"…" You Liqing felt stupid.

"Daddy... my hand hurts..." Seeing that everyone was gone, Cheng Mu dared to howl.

You Liqing glared at him, his face turned black like the bottom of the pot. "Your dad took them back, and it hurt a lot! If you go out to steal and can still be found— useless things!"


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