Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 16

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"Cheng Hai, you actually laid hands on your son!"

"Shut up!" Cheng Hai roared, shocking You Liqing to silence. "Do you forget that I am the head of the family? Or dois you forget, what kind of family is the Cheng family?"

You Liqing stop suddenly. He knew what kind of family the Cheng family was. Although they were in decline, he was still impressed during his youth, but what was more impressive was Cheng Hai's love for him.

"I don't care, Cheng Mu is my son!"

"Cheng Mu is also my son! Do you mean that I can't perform my rights as the father?"

You Liqing heard his words, gritted his teeth and stared at his husband, "If you dare to touch your son again, I'll divorce you!"

Cheng Hai was stunned, and his anger dissipates. He looked at his lover deeply with complex expressions for a long time before he spoke.

"Ah Qing, my heart will be tired one day too."

You Liqing froze again when he heard the words, he felt a little flustered and wanted to say something. However, Cheng Hai turned away from him and looked at Li Xiao, "If you don't want to be together anymore, just sign and leave. In the evening, I'll take the children away."

Li Xiao heard the words and silently took out the divorce certificate and took it to Cheng Mu, "It's better to part without hard feelings."

"Do you have to do this!" Cheng Mu asked harshly through gritted teeth.

Li Xiao looked at Cheng Mu without expression, and his heart was as cold as in the polar region. "I'm not the only one who's pushing things to this point. You have to figure it out."

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