Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 15

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You Liqing heard his son speak. His body inexplicably trembled, but his son did not found it. His husband first spoke, "Sit down, make it clear about you and Liu Mu."

Cheng Mu's tired moment became ugly, "There is nothing to say!"

Cheng Mu wanted to leave after speaking, and Cheng Hai's face became darker when he saw his son's attitude. "If you dare to go, I'll break your leg!"

Cheng Mu sneered when he heard the words. But his daddy was still there, and everything his dad said was a paper tiger. "I don't have time. I'm tired and want to sleep!"
(TN: The term refers to something or someone that claims or appears to be powerful or threatening, but is actually ineffectual and unable to withstand challenge)

When You Liqing heard his husband's rude remarks, he immediately yelled at his son, "You brat, you still didn't come here!"

Cheng Mu froze. When he was a child, as long as his daddy spoke, he could only be obedient. He stood in the same place very reluctantly and didn't look at them. "There's nothing to say! Besides, I won't divorce Ah Xiao."

Li Xiao sat aside, and his face began to turn pale. His mother-in-law, You Liqing, had already begun to tremble. Only Cheng Mu doesn't notice that the head of the family sitting in the main seat was radiating a terrifying iron-blooded aura from his body, which made Li Xiao and You Liqing understand that this man's hands must have been stained with blood!
(TN: Uh... I don't know about the iron-blooded things, but I guess something like killing intent)

Cheng Hai's face was very calm, but the strong bloody aura made the two people on the side shrank in fright. You Liqing understood that Cheng Hai, a fierce beast, had slept for himself for many years, and now he has woken up for his son again!

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Cheng Hai raised his hand, and You Liqing screamed that his husband wouldn't let him down. But the son's wretched attitude made him very angry. He slapped hard at the solid table with his big palm. Cheng Mu jumped because of a loud pounding sound. He turned to see that the solid table was split in two!

"You... don't think that I am afraid of you like this!"

Cheng Hai squinted and sneered, "Is it?"

Cheng Hai stood up expressionlessly, his suffocating anger disappeared instantly. But if Yu Zhen was here, he would definitely turn his head in shock and run away, as far as he could run. He would have to go farther, and curse as he ran! "Fuck! That fool who wants to die is going to piss off the boss!!"

"Cheng Mu, shut up!" You Liqing shrieked.

"It's too late, Ah Qing." Cheng Hai said, his voice was extremely cold. As his words fell, his tall figure stepped in front of his son and took off his son's left arm directly!

"Ahhhh—" The pain caused by Cheng Hai made him kneel down and screaming.


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