Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 14

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Li Xiao didn't answer. He silently took the pen and signed the contract. After signing, he put down the pen and said again, "One more thing, I hope you can help me."

"What's the matter?"

"If you want to go abroad, I hope to take the children abroad in your name, and then I'll pick them up."

"Oh... don't you worry that I will hide the children?"

"You won't, if you are still the same person who said that thing in the past."

Cheng Hai was taken aback when he heard the words, and his expression turned into a trance. Speaking of that year... "I used to be... very far away."

For the sake of love, he had changed too much and become less like himself. In the end, was it good or bad?

"I don't want to hand over the children to you for the time being, but you alone will not encounter any obstacles." Li Xiao said, and then picked up the paper to write, he turned the contract around and then handed it back to Cheng Hai.

Cheng Hai lowered his face and looked at the extra line on the contract, and smiled helplessly after reading it. "Yes, you can only do it."

Divide the contract in duplicate into two parts and let them put away, then Li Xiao said, "The children will change their surname, with my surname!"

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Cheng Hai frowned upon hearing this, and couldn't help but ask, "What the hell did that kid do in the end?"

Li Xiao's face turned ugly. He was angry and resentful. Cheng Hai was surprised. He only listened to his quiet way. "He said I'm cheating with you, so I don't mind if he finds someone to cheat on."


When Cheng Mu returned home, it was rare that the whole family was in the living room, but the children were not there. They should have been returned to the room to sleep.

With different expressions, You Liqing's face was pale, Cheng Hai's face was black, and Li Xiao was calm.

"You are all here."


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