Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 13

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In the evening

Cheng Hai left work early and made an appointment with Li Xiao to meet at the coffee bar. As soon as Cheng Hai sat down, he doesn't talk nonsense and put the contract directly on the table. Li Xiao on the other side picked it up and looked at it silently. After a while, the contract was put back on the table and Li Xiao's face was awfully ashen.

"I don't need those!"

Cheng Hai said calmly, "You need it. Do you know why?"


"When Liqing was young, he had a serious illness and could not conceive anymore."

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"…" Li Xiao froze.

"The Cheng family needs bloodline. Without advantage, Liqing won't put you in his eyes."

"…" Li Xiao was silent. He was quiet for a long time before he spoke. He said dryly in a low voice, "Cheng Mu is really not like you..."

Cheng Hai smiled bitterly, "You know what my previous job was. I was away from home for 15 years. That boy was spoiled by Liqing. In a word, I didn't do my duty to that boy and ruined his marriage."

Li Xiao heard the words and put his eyes on the contract again, "This matter... is not all your responsibility alone."

Cheng Hai was taken aback when he heard the words and looked deeply at Li Xiao's words. "You are a good boy, that kid won't cherish it."


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