Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 12

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The following day

When Cheng Hai arrived at the company, his private phone rang. Cheng Hai picked it up and was stunned when he answered. "Ah Xiao?"

Half an hour later, in the coffee bar near the company, as soon as Cheng Hai walked in and glanced away, he saw his daughter-in-law sitting by the window. He was calm but pale. When he sat opposite and looked up, he found that his eyes were red and swollen, obviously crying.

At this time, at the counter of the coffee bar, a man stood in the hiding place. He was surprised when he saw Li Xiao. If Li Xiao found him, he would recognize him. This man was not someone else. It was Liu Mu who Cheng Mu brought back yesterday!

However, Liu Mu doesn't know Cheng Hai, and they hadn't met each other yet, because Cheng Hai had been avoiding Cheng Mu for several months, and Cheng Mu doesn't want to see him. Because he thought it’s no different whether Liu Mu saw his father or not, because his father had been listening to his daddy You LIiqing's words, so he also believed that as long as You Liqing agreed, Cheng Hai wouldn't have any objection.

That's why Cheng Hai and Liu Mu never met.

"Go straight to the point. I want to divorce Cheng Mu, and I want children."

Cheng Hai was stunned and frowned. "What happened?"

Li Xiao put on a weak smile, "I'm blind to marry Cheng Mu, and I'm crazy to reform my body for Cheng Mu... Cheng Mu mentioned to me yesterday that you want to leave a sum of money for me. Now I tell you clearly that I don't want it. I only want the children, even if I have to fight for life!"

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Cheng Hai listened quietly and listened to every word carefully. Li Xiao didn't speak until he finished. "The child is Cheng Mu..."

"No!" Li Xiao raised his voice for one degree and shot strong irony in his eyes. "The child is yours. I don't need to deceive myself and others, you... just for the sake of that night, don't snatch the children with me, or you will force me to drop dead!"

"…" Cheng Hai was silent, and only spoke after a long silence, "The only condition for me to see my children regularly."
When Li Xiao heard the speech, he pressed his lips tightly, and his lips were white because bitten. "Only you!"

"It's just me, making the contract."

Li Xiao's face was much better. He nodded his head slightly, lowering his head without looking at the person and whispered, "When the children grow up... I will tell them...who you are to them."

Cheng Hai doesn't speak, but listened to Li Xiao again, "I don't need that money."

Cheng Hai just smiled upon hearing this. "It's not for you, it's for my children."

"…" Li Xiao was stunned. He didn't expect the man who said that the children were Cheng Mu's would say so directly.

"In two days, I will be transferred to a foreign company."

Li Xiao was surprised and blinked, "Then..."

Cheng Hai didn't finish talking to him, just smiled bitterly, "Do you think you're the only one suffering?"


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