Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 11

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Cheng Mu was stupid. Seeing the hatred and anger on his wife’s face, he was heartbroken and angry. His heart suddenly panicked. He never thought of divorcing. It was an accident when he opened up with Liu Mu. Later, he inadvertently knew the property, which made him feel that he was his father's biological son. Why did he give the money to his wife? Was Dad interested in Ah Xiao!? And everyone who had seen the two children would say that the children were like their grandfather, not like their father, and the children were not close to him, but very close to their grandfather!

He felt betrayed in his heart!

His father was still very young. He gave birth to him at the age of 17 with his 19-year-old daddy. He was 1.9 meters tall, handsome and strong, and his personality was mature and steady. Up to now, his father still joked that there were many beautiful boys and mature men who wanted to chase him, which showed his father's extraordinary charm!

He was four years younger than Li Xiao. He entered the company at the age of 20 and met 24-year-old Li Xiao. He chased Li Xiao for half a year and talked about it for half a year before he got married...

Thinking of the past, his memory at that time was still sweet and happy...

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|| Act Two ||

"I never thought about getting a divorce... I just looked at the child so much like my dad... and then dad wants to give you half of his property... and I had an accident with Liu Mu... I love you in my heart." After finishing speaking, he wanted to go forward to embrace his lover, but he was dodged.

Li Xiao's heart was filled with anger. He really doubted how he thought this man would treat him very well in those years!?

"You mean I shouldn't have children? But three years ago, you and daddy asked me to have a baby!! I'm Cheng Mu's legal wife, but I was forced to have children with my father-in-law by my husband and mother-in-law. Cheng Mu, are you a human? Uhh—" After screaming to the end, he felt a pain in his heart. Li Xiao changed his face and covered his heart with one hand. His face was pale and his steps were unsteady. He seemed to be gasping for breath. Cheng Mu was so scared that he rushed forward to help him, but Li Xiao stopped him by throwing something at him.

"Cheng Mu... the last thing I regret in my life... is knowing you!"

Cheng Mu's face froze and became ugly. "What did you say..."

"It was you who forced me... It's you obliterated all the escape route... now you pointed to me and said... I cheated... haha..." Li Xiao said with a smile, his eyes were red, but no tears came out. It was not worth to cry for such a husband. "This marriage... is finished... I can't live with people like you anymore... What's more, you seem to forget that you were wearing blue this morning and wearing gray when you got home."

"…" Cheng Mu's expression turned into embarrassment in an instant.

"The children, I will not give them to you! Otherwise, I will die for you to see!" Li Xiao dropped the words and turned to walk out of the room.

"Where are you going?"

"Sleep in the kids' room!"

So, as another reminder to you readers
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Therefore, I will write Cheng Hai as Dad or father, and You Liqing ad Daddy

And... there is || Act Two ||
Actually it was written as "Chapter Two"
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This Act Two is kind of the real story
Where the MC (or ML, since the protagnist is the gong, top, tachi, or seme) is rebirth or reborn or traveled back in time

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