Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 10

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Li Xiao looked at his husband's expression and laughed slowly. His tears fell and he laughed again, causing Cheng Mu to look at him. When he found that he was crying, he wanted to get close to him, but he stepped away.

"Stay away from me." Li Xiao stopped laughing, wiped away the tears, and looked at his husband calmly. "Let's divorce."

Cheng Mu was stunned, obviously did not expect that he would have heard this sentence one day, and it took a long time to react. "Divorce!? It's impossible. I don't agree. If we divorce, dad will share half of the property with you! "

Li Xiao was in a daze, wondering what he had just heard. "What are you talking about? Property?"

"Don't say you don't know!" Cheng Mu's out-of-control voice became louder!

"I really don't know about the property." Li Xiao face was dark. "Besides, I, Li Xiao, don't have money and don't need the so-called property."

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Cheng Mu grind his teeth and wanted to roar back. That sum of money was 20 million! There were still a few real estates! More shares!! Think of that huge number, originally were their own, but just because the divorce would be given to others. His heart was not satisfied! "I will not sign because I have nothing to do with Liu Mu! Don't make unreasonable trouble!"

"I'm making trouble out of nowhere!?" He looked at the man in front of him as if he heard a big joke. If he hadn't watched his man follow Liu Mu into the hotel, he might have been shaken by the man's words!

"If I didn't confirm it with my own eyes, would I tell it? All right! Cheng Mu, then you swear, you really don't have any shady things with him. If you have, you were struck by lightning!"

"You.... how can you be so vicious!"

"I'm vicious? Three years ago, who was crying and kneeling in front of me and saying 'I'm sorry, I will never betray you, let me wronged you again'! And now! I, Li Xiao, can swear to God, except for the night three years ago, if I, Li Xiao, have something to do with dad and there is still something people can not see, I, Li Xiao, will die in a hard way!"

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