Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 9

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Cheng Mu was stunned, wasn't this just what Liu Mu said when he was just introduced... he suddenly felt a sense of irritability to be seen through! "Ah Xiao!! Don't you believe me!"

Li Xiao smiled again, smiled with a sad smile, which made people feel his heart broken. "Half a year ago, you had a scratch on your back. At that time, you had been busy in the company for a week and didn't go home."


"During this half year, you often wear a suit of clothes in the morning and turn into another suit after work in the evening. In your coat, you often have a small bag of toilet paper from the same hotel. When you talk on the phone, you aren't like before. After receiving the phone call, you leave me to talk. The text message rang several times in one night, and you would reply as soon as you hear it. I often send text messages to ask if you would return home for dinner. It took a few hours to return..."

Every time Li Xiao said something, Cheng Mu's face became more ugly, and Li Xiao smiled blandly. "I believe you for half a year, but after waiting for half a year, you took home your colleague, Liu Mu, who often sent you text messages."

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Cheng Mu opened his mouth and wanted to say no, there was no such thing, but the sweet pictures of him and Liu Mu in the past six months had been in his mind, making him speechless...

Was he... he didn't cover up his affair with Liu Mu. Even his colleagues would ask him if he had cheated, but he wasn't the one who cheated first!

"You and Dad... No, it's the same. Then you should not mind me and Liu Mu."

Li Xiao stood up abruptly when he heard the words and his face paled instantly. "Cheng Mu, do you mean that I cheated on my dad!!"

Wasn't it... Cheng Mu thought in his heart, but didn't say anything, but he turned his face away and didn't look at his wife.


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