Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 6

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When You Liqing came home, he was dumbfounded as soon as he walked into the living room. He saw his son holding a man he didn't know, and there were broken bowls on the ground. They looked at each other deeply, and the atmosphere was very ambiguous. This picture made his face black instantly!

"What are you doing!"

Two people hurriedly separate, Cheng Mu unconsciously blocked the person behind him,and he look embarrassed. "Daddy, don't get me wrong... Liu Mu was almost injured just now. I just supported him."

"…" If you don't hold each other so affectionately, and then look at each other affectionately, this kind of lie would pass your ears.

You Liqing's eyes narrowed. He was chilling all over now, and his husband’s words were still turning in his head. Cheng Hai's methods were very clear. He knew that Cheng Hai was an admiral officer when he was young. He transferred to the business world for him.

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When he was young, he once met a bandit, and You Liqing was injured. When Cheng Hai learned that he used his relationship to catch the escaped bandit in front of him, he directly kicked the man's leg in front of him, and then threw him into the prison, and asked someone to take special care of him. The play said that in the end, the man committed suicide and died in it, he never came out!

The sweetness at the beginning has become fear now. He knew that Cheng Hai was a man who does what he said and would never break his promise. His tenderness was only given to him. If he hadn't stopped him at the beginning, Cheng Hai would have thrown his son, Cheng Mu, into the military camp for training!

Cheng Mu was favorite. How could he watch his son suffer! "Mr. Liu, it's not convenient for our family to entertain you today. I'm sorry."




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