Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 5

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At this time, Li Xiao sat in the living room to coax the two children to eat dinner. The two children were also very well-behaved, sitting on the chairs without making any noise.

When the two children were full, Li Xiao quickly ate up his own meal. He collected the dishes and chopsticks, and let the children stay. He went to cut some fruit.

When Cheng Mu walked into the living room, he saw his wife and children sitting in the living room eating fruit and watching the children's show.

This picture was somewhat beautiful. Li Xiao was still his favorite, beautiful and elegant. There were many people who wanted to pursue him at that time. When he married him, a group of people hated him. Cheng Mu knew that he still loved Li Xiao. However, when he saw the two children beside him, the appearance was completely a copy of his father, and his heart was like being cut by a knife.

Vaguely remember three years ago, that night, he stood in front of the door, listening to the moan of his lover, but the person calling was not him, his heart was like a fire...

As if betrayed!

"Brother Cheng, is that sister-in-law?"

Li Xiao, who was sitting in the living room, turned his head and saw his husband standing at the door of the living room with another person he didn't know. When Li Xiao saw the man, he was stunned for a moment and immediately raised his gentle smile.

"You didn't make a sound when come back."

"Dad is back!" the two children said in unison.

Cheng Mu opened his eyes, there was a trace of disgust in his eyes, but he turned his face back to look back. "Ah Xiao, this is a colleague of our company. He has been working for half a year. His name is Liu Mu. He is a Haizi. He has no one to take care of. He is very poor. So I invited him to have a meal at home."
(TN: in this story, it's a name for a male that able to get pregnant)

Li Xiao heard the words, without saying a word, his expression was a little trance, as if remembering something...

"You are alone without being taking care of? Ah~ it's so poor. Why don't you come to my house for dinner?"

Cheng Mu, it turned out that your compassion was so overwhelming, and I still believe you even now!

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"Today, daddy and father went out. I already had dinner with the babies."

Cheng Mu smiling expression froze upon hearing this. "When will father come back?"

"I don't know. Father didn't say, they just went out to eat out."

At this time, Liu Mu who was standing behind Cheng Mu suddenly uttered his voice, "Brother Cheng, why don't we order takeout ourselves?"

We? Li Xiaoraised his eyebrows and looked at the two of them calmly. Cheng Mu was looked a little guilty. He coughed. "Ah Xiao, why don't you take the babies back to your room, I'll order the takeaway to have dinner with Xiao Mu."

Li Xiao laughed suddenly, the smile was unknown, but it made Cheng Mu feel a little flustered, and he didn't know why.

"Ah Xiao..."

"Liu Mu, right?"

"Ah... I am!" Liu Mu looked delicate and frightened.

"The last time you sent a message asking Cheng Mu where to eat, Cheng Mu also asked me back. What was the name of the first meal of the two of us at the restaurant? It's really good, isn't it?"

Liu Mu's face became a little pale, while Cheng Mu was ugly. "Ah Xiao, it's just a meal. What do you think it's for?"

"Ha ha, it's just a meal. Why are you speak like that?"

"..." Cheng Mu was stopped and speechless.

"Eat early and go back to your room. I have something to tell you." Without paying attention to his husband, he took the children upstairs after leaving the words behind, but his heart was cold with every step he took.

Perhaps, half a year ago, when he saw his husband who had been busy working for a week coming home with scratches on his back, he should have seen it clearly. That this day would come sooner or later.


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