Father & Son
by Chen Qimo
Chapter 4

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"Wow, your wife and your son make people feel... so disgusting that you feel like vomiting."

Cheng Hai smiled sadly, his expression was very bitter, let his friend very helpless shook his head. "Well... I told you as early as 800 years ago that your personality is too pragmatic, and You Liqing is too proud and needs people to coax him to hold him and loved by others. You still let him go. You also say that you have to tolerate his mistakes. You cannot mention his fault at all. What kind of person are you? His father or his dad? If you dote your wife like this, there will be a problem one day, OK! Oh... Something's wrong already!"
(TN: different hanzi, as on this setting, children usually born from male, whilst female is very rare)

Cheng Hai's bitter smile deepened and he lifted his hand to wipe his face tiredly. "Six months ago, I have privately divided half of my property to my daughter-in-law. The Cheng family is unworthy for him. This money is to protect him. If Cheng Mu dares to offend him, at least he can live a happy life."

"Well, that's fine, but your son still dares to offend to your daughter-in-law!?"

"Mr. Deng works in my son's company. He said he often sees... that kid is very close to someone."


"If it's not your son, I'd love to beat him up..."

"Heh... If he wasn't my son, I'd just clean him up."

"Oh, by the way, do you have any photos of your daughter-in-law and your two children? I want to see them!"

"..." Cheng Hai was speechless. He had very two good friends, the other was dead on a kind of unintentional war. He took out the mobile phone, brought out the photos of the two children.

"This is Bowen, this is Bowu."

"Oh! They really look alike, you can tell them!?"

"I'm not blind!"

"My eyes are 1.2, I really can't see it!"


"Ha ha... Father and son connect their hearts."

"Yu Zhen!"

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"Ah... I said, Lao Cheng, after seeing these two children, I also know why your son has changed like that. These two children are a complete copy of you! Someone must have said that it looks like you, not like your son!"


"How long can you bear to deceive yourself when the facts are in front of you?"

Cheng Hai was stunned when he heard the words and didn't speak until a long time later. "…I promised the company to go abroad to take over the branch office."

"What about your wife?"

"Be apart for a while. I feel tired and want to calm down."

Yu Zhen was really shocked and laughed heartlessly. "Well, You Liqing has a great ability to make you look like this in only 20 years..."

"Don't say that. I love him that way, how could this happen if I don't love him?"

"Wow, I think you're disgusting!" Yu Zhen twitched the corner of his mouth. "But if he dumps you on someone else, he won't be afraid? I'm afraid that you will fall in love with the young flesh!"

"Oh, I'm afraid now..."


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