Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 49: A Little Red (4)

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The backstage at night was very busy. The costumes were piled into a small slope. The senior students were putting on makeup for the performance tonight, there were also the students running around with props. Mo Shaoqing could only carefully avoid them.

In the crowd, Lin Shiyi's tall figure in red evening dress was particularly conspicuous.

Mo Shaoqing smiled, "Sister today is extraordinarily beautiful~"

Lin Shiyi pressed down the smile on the corner of her mouth and said, "Hum, am I not beautiful at ordinary times?"

Mo Shaoqing hurriedly begged for mercy, "Then you wronged me. What I just said was 'extraordinarily' beautiful!" He put emphasis on the word "extraordinarily".

Lin Shiyi joked, "Your mouth is too sweet. I don't know which little girl will be cheated by you in the future!"

"By the way, I heard you have something to do with Xingyang Entertainment? Do you know their chairman? Have you signed up with them? Are you going to debut?" Lin Shiyi said positively, crackled over a series of questions into Mo Shaoqing.

It could be said that since the school festival, it seemed that everyone was very curious about how an ordinary student of music academy actually got on the big boat of Xingyang Entertainment.


"The entertainment industry is a vanity fair. Mo Shaoqing, I know you don't like these things. Is something wrong?"

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There were too many twists and turns. It's not convenient for Mo Shaoqing to elaborate. He could only understate. "Don't worry, senior. I have a sense."

Lin Shiyi took a look at her earlock, pulled them to her ears and said with a smile, "that's good! By the way, I got the internship qualification of S City TV station. Later, you are very popular. If you need my help, just let me know. I'm going to go on stage. I've got a VIP for you!"

"Um." Mo Shaoqing responded with a smile and looked at the back of Lin Shiyi's departure. He returned to the audience and looked at the beautiful figures in the light. The boys and girls who strive to became famous at one stroke...

No matter how hard the road to dream was, having a dream was a good thing. Weren't you also working hard?

When Mo Shaoqing was signed, several boys in the dormitory said that they were not surprised. They all thought it was normal for Mo Shaoqing to do anything. After all, he started the history of selling flowers on Valentine's Day, selling apples on Christmas Day and a history of an art student opening restaurants.


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