by Lin Xiaoyang
Chapter 10: Young Bai (2)

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Ren Yue was not interested in this.

At lunch, Ren Yue made an appointment with Fa Xiao. Fa Xiao Linhe was a boy who looked very elegant. He wore black-rimmed glasses and has a strong scent of books. At first glance, he was the kind of good child who studied very hard. Linhe sighed with relief when he saw Ren Yue and said, "This time you look very good."

Ren Yue shrugged his shoulders and said, "I have been very well-nourished recently. I eat big fish and meat and sleep a lot of time."

Linhe asked, "Where do you live now? Give me the address, I'll come and see you when I have time."

Ren Yue informed the address to him, and at this time someone passed him by and slammed into his shoulder. Ren Yue frowned and looked back, he saw a particularly beautiful boy walking by with a cold face, without any guilt on his face. Linhe followed Ren Yue's gaze, and said, "That's a classmate in our class. It seems that he's a new transfer student... I remember his surname is Bai."

Ren Yue didn't respond and then continued to chat with Lin He.

Today was the first day of school, everyone was familiar with each other, and there was no class. Only when the homeroom teacher emphasized the division of liberal arts and sciences in class, the academic work would become more onerous, and everyone must work hard toward the direction of top universities.

In daily life, learning was the most important thing. It's strictly forbidden to fight and do things that violated school discipline.

The teachers in the class were all new faces to Ren Yue, and he doesn't know any of them. Ren Yue didn't care what these teachers looked like when they first came here, after all, there was time to be familiar with. But only the Chinese teacher made him remember his face, because the teacher seemed to have a very obvious hostility to him.

The Chinese teacher was a young man, he looked very young, white and clean. Many students in the class whistled when they saw him come in, praising him for his handsomeness. However, Ren Yue noticed that the teacher was staring at him from the moment he walked in. He also deliberately took the name list for roll call and called him, as if he wanted to confirm his name and appearance.

Ren Yue thought this teacher was very interesting. He raised his eyebrows and waited for his attack. It turned out that after a class, the teacher was very modest and humorous in talking and laughing with the students. He didn't make any other reactions.

It seemed that the emotion at the moment when he just entered the door was all his illusions. However, Ren Yue was very confident in his intuition. He thought that there must be something wrong with the teacher, but as for what was wrong, it needed to be studied.

Ren Yue didn't want to stay in the classroom during the break, so he went out to get some air. But when he passed the staff office, he suddenly heard a quarrel inside. "I think the key classes and ordinary classes in the school should be fair and just... the results are obviously not up to the standards of the key classes. Why should he enter the key class? I think this is unreasonable and unfair to other students!"

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Ren Yue stood at the door and recognized the owner of the voice. He raised his eyebrows and thought it was really interesting. However, Ren Yue didn't have the habit of listening to people in the corners, and the unexpected hearing just now let him get enough information, so he put his hands in his pants pocket and left slowly.

When school was over in the afternoon, Ren Yue saw Mr. Bai's driver standing at the school gate. He didn't feel uncomfortable, he just got in the car. He walked with confidence and at ease that he probably didn't notice that there were several groups of eyes staring at him, and followed him all the way from the school gate. It wasn't until the license plate number of the car that Ren Yue boarded was confirmed that those people looked away.

The school basketball court was close to the school gate. When parents come to pick up their children, they could watch the students' basketball activities outside.

At this time, the referee just blew the whistle, and people in a blue team uniform rushed to a person and yelled, "What are you in a daze with such a good ball just now?"

The boy who was pounced on ignored the gloom in his eyes. He turned his head and said with a bright smile, "I'm looking at a fool."

In the other direction, there were two people sitting in a low-key silver-gray car. The man sitting in the driver's seat looked very serious and rigid. He looked at the direction of Ren Yue's departure in silence. Then he turned to the people around him and said, "This is just an ordinary school with low qualified teachers. You are wasting time here."

The boy in the back seat looked at the black car going away from the window and said coldly, "Are you educating me?"

".....I dare not."

After returning to the big villa, Mr. Bai has arrived home. Today's Mr. Bai wore the Tang suit as always, but today's clothes were in warm colors. With his soft eyebrows, it really has the feeling of a beautiful man in the Republic of China. Mr. Bai looked at Ren Yue, who was in a good mood and asked, "How does the new semester feel?"

Ren Yue replied with an unclear smile, "It's probably very interesting."

After hearing his answer, Mr. Bai was taken aback for a moment. He seemed to have thought of something, but he did not show it. He just kindly reminded him, "Everything is with me."

Ren Yue seemed to be suddenly interested in Mr. Bai. He put down his schoolbag and sat down on the sofa. Then he played with the apple in his hand. Then he asked casually, "You seem to be very good at saying this."

Mr. Bai humbly replied, "It's just that I can say something in some places."

* I'm sure you see "key class" in the paragraph, for you who didn't know it means "tracked class for gifted students"

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