His Son Has A Richest Billionaires Dad
by Shou Xin
Chapter 9: Sleep (Stay Together)

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"Well, I think he shouldn't dare to do anything anymore." Cheng Yang felt that the recording in his hand should be enough.

"Thank you." Cheng Yang expressed his gratitude to She Yan for appeared first and brought him out.

Cheng Yang probably knew that She Yan might have some power, but he doesn't know how big it was.

Cheng Yang couldn't stay in that room for the time being. Anyway, it's the site of the accident. She Yan meant to check another room for Cheng Yang. There was still a room available on the cruise ship.

He just smashed someone's head and the blood flowed out. Because it was the other person involved's first move, so Cheng Yang's counterattack was not wrong.

Looking at the man who cared about him, Cheng Yang suddenly said, "Can I stay here?"

There were not a few days left for this cruise. Cheng Yang thought about it. He liked She Yan very much. If he could stay with him in the next few days, he thought he should have a good time.

"Are you going to stay here?" She Yan was not sure if Cheng Yang wanted to stay with him, which also meant that they would share the same bed.

"I want to stay here." This was no less than a disguised courtship. Cheng Yang has never taken such an initiative and felt there was never such an opportunity in the future. It's rare for him to indulge in his life.

"Okay, I'll let someone get your luggage." She Yan notified his assistant when he said it.

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There was a sudden intervention by She Yan, and the senior executive was beaten down. They were directly suppressed. This was on the cruise ship. She Yan wanted to do something more and had some concerns. However, he also greeted the cruise management department and asked them to take good care of the executive who made a plan to get Cheng Yang.

As for Cheng Yang's two friends, their freedom was temporarily restricted and they would be dealt with after getting off the ship.

Seeing something that disturbed a lot of people, he fell silent for a short time. Others were curious to ask about it, but only a few parties knew the real situation.

In the night, the steamer moved forward slowly, and so out in the afternoon. Cheng Yang's live broadcast was pushed to the evening. First, he sincerely apologized to everyone and said something had happened. Some new fans complained a few words, but more still said that it didn't matter. Sometimes something really happened, it didn't matter if the broadcast was stopped.

After more than two hours of live broadcast in the internet cafe, Cheng Yang subconsciously walked to his room when he went back. Halfway through, he realized that the room had changed.

Cheng Yang took the elevator to She Yan's floor. The other person gave him a room card. When he entered the room, She Yan was busy sitting in front of his notebook.

Cheng Yang saw that She Yan was absorbed in his work and does not disturb him. He took her pajamas and went to the bathroom for a bath.

After a bath, he nested in the soft and comfortable big bed.

"……don't work too late, go to bed early." As soon as the words came out, Cheng Yang wanted to cover his face with a quilt. Why does this sound like an invitation to bed?

Cheng Yang blushed slightly, and his body shrunk a little.

She Yan does listen to Cheng Yang's words. He closed his notebook, stood up and went to the bathroom.

The side of the bed sank as another man sat down. Cheng Yang bit his lower lip. Suddenly, a hand fell over him and pulled his lower lip out of his teeth.

"Don't bite." She Yan leaned over Cheng Yang. His heavy figure made Cheng Yang's heart beat like a drum.

At that moment, the atmosphere seemed ambiguous to the top.


But the next moment, She Yan sees that Cheng Yang's eyes were a little timid. He caressed the other's soft lips, released his hand and lay back.

The light in the room went out after a click. Cheng Yang sighed with relief. At the same time, he seemed to feel a little disappointed.

The x-love in front of him probably opened a mechanism in Cheng Yang's body. The man and he were lying in the same bed, and the scent seemed to be filled with hormones from each other. Cheng Yang suddenly fell asleep and felt empty. He wanted to be hugged tightly.


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