His Son Has A Richest Billionaires Dad
by Shou Xin
Chapter 8: Sleep (Stay Together)

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But then Cheng Yang's brows were loosened. He took his time to pick up the ashtray placed there. With a smile on his lips, he smashed the ashtray on the forehead of the senior executives.

The ashtray was a solid glass, which smashed the man's head in an instant. The other person sent out a shrill scream, and the obese body who was almost hollowed out by the drunken expression collapsed.

Cheng Yang put the ashtray back and looked down at the man like garbage.

He took out his mobile phone, crouched next to the man, opened the recording app and played it to the man. "Remind you, this time I'm not unprepared."

Just as Cheng Yang was about to stand up, he suddenly thought of another thing, so he smiled again and told the executives at the same time, "This time, I negotiated with Li Ye and deliberately led you here. Of course, I didn't take the medicine."

"In addition, with your help last time, I also hooked up a powerful person. That person is younger than you, more handsome, and richer than you. Everywhere, it's 100 times better than an executive."

Cheng Yang looked down at the man on the floor who struggled hard. His expression was extremely miserable and painful. He kept trying to get up and beat him, but he was too fat to get up.

"If you really want to hate anyone, I suggest you hate Li Ye." It's better for the two sides to had unjustifiable disputes. Cheng Yang made up the above words temporarily.

The blood on the forehead of the executive flowed, and the floor was soaked for a while. It was a little frightening to watch.

Cheng Yang controlled some of his strength, but didn't use all his strength. He adjusted his expression, opened the door in panic and ran out.

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There was no police officer on the cruise ship, only security personnel. Cheng Yang went to a security guard and said that he had accidentally injured a person.

Soon the medical staff also came and carried the man who was lying on the ground with a pool of blood to the infirmary.

The man was still in a coma. The specific situation could only wait for the other person to wake up. The cruise management side looked for someone to look at Cheng Yang.

The accident didn't take long to reached She Yan. She Yan was surprised when he heard that Cheng Yang had injured someone.

He pushed the work in his hand and rushed to Cheng Yang. He saw Cheng Yang in a small room calmly leaning on the wall alone.

She Yan was very close to the owner of the cruise ship and took Cheng Yang out of the small room to his room.

She Yan soon learned the whole story from Cheng Yang, including the previous time when Cheng Yang's friends betrayed Cheng Yang for money. This time, the other side still didn't give up and still wanted to use Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang played the recording to She Yan. Listening to the conversation inside, She Yan's solemn face was covered with cold frost and snow.

"Li Ye, when they brought the medicine, I felt something was wrong and dropped the medicine. Now that the medicine is here, I think if I check it, I should be able to find something." In either direction to talk about, Cheng Yang was reasonable.

"All right, don't touch with your hands." She Yan's eyebrows arched. Obviously, he was really angry. He has put ChengYang into his ranks. There were people who were so short-sighted.


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