Florist Little Boss
by Ink Drop in White Paper
Chapter 12: Transsexual

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"This flower pot is called Lithops, which can absorb formaldehyde." Huang Qianyi pointed to a plant that looked like a bit of a butt. Gao Yang as taking notes next to her and glanced at the succulent pot called Lithops, curious about the looks.

"This pot is called Moonstone plant... This pot is Wax Rosette... Joyce Tulloch..."

Gao Yang nodded as he noted. The pots in the back were all very beautiful and conform to his aesthetics. When this batch of succulents was brought in, it was equipped with flowerpots, and there was no need to change the pots and soil for them. It could be put directly on the wooden shelf, which saved time.

Little Gao Xun seemed to like them very much, so he had to hold him to have a look. He stretched out his hand and yelled twice as if to say hello to his new plant friend. Huang Qianyi smiled on the side and said, "Xun Xun seems to be vaccinated on Christmas Day this time."

Gao Yang thought for a while and nodded, "Um, I'll go early so that I can come back early."

"I'll take you." Huang Qianyi said that she had a car and relatively go faster.

"No need." Gao Yang waved his hand. "The hospital didn't start work until eight o'clock. We got there to pick up the number at 7:30. You can take care of the store. The business is not bad that day."

The two of them were the only ones in the shop. Who would take care of the flower shop? Should the business stop? He has already troubled Huang Qianyi enough. The shop has a lot of expenses, so he couldn't delay the business of the flower shop because of Little Gao Xun's vaccination.

Huang Qianyi also does not insist, "Well, then you should be careful on the way to the hospital, don't bump into something."

It's not the first time he went out. But Aunt Huang and Tao Zi tended to worry. Gao Yang said, "Don't worry. I'll pay attention to it."

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Christmas Eve was not a traditional holiday in China, but with the globalization of the economy and cultural exchanges between countries, Christmas soon became popular in China. Especially young people like this holiday very much. They would send apples to their families and friends, put on Christmas hats, send cards, send flowers and send small gifts.

All in all, the streets would be very busy that day.

In the evening, Gao Yang boarded the MS, clicked on the game that was just played yesterday, operated his gender-bender account named "A Ray of Sunshine", do the task in the New Village.

Xiaoyao You was not a turn-based strategy game. It couldn't be done with a mouse. Players needed to use the keyboard to operate their characters to move forward and backward, to use their skills, and the mouse to control the direction.

Gao Yang was not used to it at the beginning. This game needed the cooperation of the left hand and right hand. He always pressed the keyboard and forgot the mouse when fighting monsters. He stood in place and does not know how to avoid the opponent's attack or use the skills. In the end, he died under the big move of the little boss.

[System prompt: You are dead, please choose the resurrection method: resurrect in place (gold coin 200) nearby resurrection (free)]

Gao Yang looked at the gray picture, stunned for a moment, and ordered the nearby revival. He continued to challenge the little boss. No way, this was a novice plot, he promoted to level 10 after being beaten.

Three minutes later, he fell down again, revived, continued to fight, and fell again...

After he fell down for the fifth time, a player in a nearby channel couldn't help and said, "Young lady, just don't fight on this operation, you can't fight."

The game Xiaoyao You depended on the operation. Skilled players could do all tasks quickly, and those with handicaps could only have experience in a team of acquaintances.


- Gao Yang use a female character in the game and Bai Ye doesn’t know it, so he said 'she'
- 'Closed beta' and 'Public beta' is different
- 'Rowing a Boat Upstream' is an idiom, meaning 'you must work harder'

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