Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 46: A Little Red (3)

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But Xinyang Entertainment doesn't play according to the routine. The first step was to sign an unknown newcomer, who was not a professional.

Who was this new person? He had become the first-hand information that all paparazzi want to get.

Sometime after the end of the school festival, Mo Shaoqing was walking on the road. He could almost feel those eyes secretly looking at him without any cover.

Want to see what was the story behind it? It's so easy to sign up for Xingyang Entertainment. However, Mo Shaoqing doesn't care. Sooner or later, he would start his career. He would have more and more eyes on himself. There would be good intentions and bad intentions. He must get used to them from now on.

But he was worried about the senior. He had disclosed his intention to sign their company before, but at that time he didn't want to be in the entertainment circle, so he refused.

The senior called him a few days ago and said that he was not kind. He knew nothing about such big news.

In fact, Mo Shaoqing himself was ignorant, just signed the contract, the next moment was introduced to the media. He didn't even tell his parents and brothers that it was a matter of act first, report later.

Mo Shaoqing didn't take advantage of the enthusiasm to open a series of promotional apps. Before his official debut, he didn't want to sink into it for the time being.

At present, of course, it's impossible for him to escape the influence of this circle on his life without asked about other affairs. He could only finish his studies successfully first.

Every move of the entertainment circle was always the chatting of public tea after dinner, which couldn't be changed due to someone's inaction.

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Mo Shaoqing, who was in the center of public opinion, continued to live a two-point and one-line life.
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June was a sad season, no matter which college, Mo Shaoqing's familiar seniors would graduate.

At the thought that he would leave the campus next year, Mo Shaoqing felt a little sullen. However, he could go back to college entrance examination again and experience youth again. How many people were still envious of such a life, so he shouldn't be greedy and never satisfied.

Besides, he was not a novice after all. He was more experienced than other college students in what to say and do.

Lin Shiyi from Media Faculty invited Mo Shaoqing to their graduation party.


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