by Lin Xiaoyang
Chapter 9: Young Bai (1)

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Regarding being Mr. Bai's son, whether it's true or not, it doesn't make much difference to Ren Yue. If it was true, then he would become a very powerful man's son, and he could enjoy the rights and money. If it was false, then he was just back to the past life, there was nothing different. And the reason why he agreed to this seemingly ridiculous thing was only for a moment amused.

Ren Yue put the words out, he ignored the follow-up procedures. He has the sole responsibility of this matter to Mr. Bai. He doesn't care how Mr. Bai handled his entry into the house and had nothing to do with him. Anyway, his words were in there, they were absolute. As for whether Mr. Bai is fooled him, it doesn't matter.

Anyway, he had always been in a dominant position, always in advantage.

After living with Mr. Bai in the villa for about a week, Ren Yue also ushered in the opening ceremony of the new semester. Early in the morning, Mr. Bai sent Ren Yue to the school gate, and he said to Ren Yue, "There will be a driver come to pick you up in the evening."

Ren Yue nodded indifferently, and then entered the school.

Before Ren Yue was about to return to school, Mr. Bai once asked him if he wanted to transfer to other schools. Ren Yue has seen the introductions of colleges and universities that Mr. Bai gave him. A row of them were top domestic and international schools. Even if they were some super-prestigious schools, they may not be able to throw people in even if they had money.

Ren Yue looked at this kind of information and was not moved at all. He felt that his school was good, so he simply rejected Mr. Bai's suggestion.

In the new semester, Ren Yue successfully entered the second year of high school. He stood in the corridor and looked at the new class bulletin board. Their second year of high school began to divide liberal arts and science classes.

Ren Yue never liked the rote learning of liberal arts, so he naturally chose science. It just made him feel surprised that his ordinary results, incredibly made him entered science class. Although Ren Yue felt that there must be something wrong with this, he was not very interested in the division of classes, and there was no problem with it, so he didn't bother to pursue it. Then he raised his head and took another look. He found that Fa Xiao Linhe was indeed in the top liberal arts class.

Ren Yue found his own class, he found an empty seat at random and sat down. He looked up at the classroom and found that there were not many familiar faces inside. It's also true that although his previous class was a mixed class, there was no distinction between liberal arts and science, but there was a clear trend of partial liberal arts at that time.

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At that time, there were many girls in his class, and the liberal arts were always far ahead of him. Therefore, it was no surprise that he did not see a few acquaintances in this science class.

Ren Yue came earlier, and after he sat down in an empty seat, some people came to the class one after another. When he came back from the bathroom, he found a new face sitting next to his seat. The boy had eyebrows like a sword and bright eyes, and his wheat skin looked very sunny. After taking a few glances, Ren Yue was not interested. He ignored the boy and returned to his seat. However, the boy looked very familiar and directly greeted Ren Yue at the same table, "My name is Xu Guangyang."

Ren Yue did not act particularly cold and gave a response, "I'm Ren Yue."

Xu Guangyang looked at Ren Yue with great interest and said, "Your figure looks particularly good. Are you interested in joining the basketball club and playing basketball together?"

Ren Yue refused and said, "I'm lazy."

Xu Guangyang was a little regretful and then he said, "When we play basketball together in the next PE class, you will feel the charm of basketball."

Ren Yue didn't paid any more attention to him this time.

The bell rang soon. The new homeroom teacher came into the classroom and announced the discipline of the new class in the new semester with the students, and then began to select the class committee members. Ren Yue had no interest in the election of these class cadres.

He looked at it carelessly, waiting for the class to be finished soon. On the contrary, his new deskmate was very active. He enthusiastically participated in the election campaign, and then he became a sports representative without surprise.

After Xu Guangyang won the election, he was very happy. At this moment, he acted like a big brother, vowing to Ren Yue and said, "I will cover you from now on!"


* I'm sure you see "key class" in the paragraph, for you who didn't know it means "tracked class for gifted students"

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