There Is Chef Yu In The Entertainment Circle
by Unawakened For Years
Chapter 7: A Bowl of Chrysanthemum Tofu Soup

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Chapter 7.3

"Brother Ang, my acting skills are thousands of miles worse than you. I always have to have the same talent that can be used." Yu Siyang said with a shy smile.

"Xiao Yu, who told you that cooking is also a talent?" Fang Yuan made a face "you don't be fooled" expression.

Yu Siyang scratched his cheek and said embarrassedly, "This... cooking is also an art."

The audience burst into laughter on and off the stage. A female audience took a picture of Yu Siyang with her mobile phone. She thought that the newcomer was really funny, interesting to talk about, good-looking and so handsome.

When the dish was ready, they were given to the host to taste one by one. Fang Yuan scooped out a spoonful of chrysanthemum tofu soup and put it into his mouth. His eyes widened. The expression on his face was extremely exaggerated. He sighed with satisfaction, "It's so delicious——"

The taste of the soup was very light, it only used a little salt as a seasoning, there was no other flavor disturbance. The freshness of the mushrooms was unreserved, mixed with chrysanthemum fragrance sweet, it was very delicious. Because the tofu was very thin, there was almost no need to chew in the mouth, sip it, then he slid into the esophagus along with the soup, and there was the sweetness of chrysanthemum in his mouth.

Other people couldn’t wait to grab a spoon and rushed to eat. Yun Jiaojiao was deliberately blocked by Zhong Da, holding the spoon but couldn't eat it. She hurriedly dragged Zhongda out, "You've eaten, get out of the way, wahhh!"

The audience sitting below also couldn't help but yelled, "Bring it down, bring it down..."

With a satisfied smile on his face, Yu Siyang stood aside with his hands behind his back to watch Zhao Ang served the rest of the chrysanthemum tofu soup for the audience.

He liked to watch others eat his own dishes, and his face showed a satisfied expression, which was the best reward for a chef.

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"Hmph——" Pang Yujie turned his back to the audience and the camera, squinted at Yu Siyang, he smiled disdainfully, and said in a low voice, "Sensationalism."

He deliberately walked to Yu Siyang and said this. After saying this, he faced the audience with his signature sunny smile.

Yu Siyang looked at him and commented in his heart: childish!

After more than four hours of recording, the program finally ended, and the audience gradually left. Yu Siyang was relieved to find Luo Peng, who had not been seen for a day in the audience

Fortunately, this person did not leave himself on the TV station that he was not familiar with.

"Xiao Yu, you performed very well today." Luo Peng gave him a thumbs up.

"Thank you." Yu Siyang felt relieved, and it didn't seem to be that difficult to record the show.


Chapter 7.3

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