Lion King's Adopted Son
by Yan Yang
Chapter 5 (4)

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"I guess you need something to eat now, little one." The lion dragged a warthog not far away to Gerald and faced in the direction of Gerald.

The lioness had been paying close attention to Pascal's movement. Seeing this scene, a lioness couldn't help but yelled, "Oh, My Lord, are you serious? He actually gave up his prey to the little one." It's Belleni, the youngest female in Pascal's pride.

Her third sister, Lanny, advised her, "It seems that My Lord really treats little Gerald as his own child. Well, let's do whatever Milord want, we just leave it alone."

"No, I mean, didn't Milord have to leave the cub to us? After all, it's our duty as a lioness to hunt and look after the cubs. Oh, although My Lord almost never eats the prey we catch."

"Perhaps he would rather take care of the little lion himself. After all, he seems to take it seriously. Come on, sisters, this is not a problem that we should worry about. Let's go hunting. Look, the Lord has seen us. If we don't leave, he will be angry..."

Gerald didn't notice the little incident. From the moment Pascal placed the warthog in front of him, he felt extremely hungry. The intense hunger and the urge to eat make it forget about its injury. It had just taken a step before it let out a painful grunt.

"Let me see, the wound on the paw has opened again, aren't you careless little fellow?" Pascal overturned it to the ground despite Gerlad's objection. Now Gerald had to lay flat on its back, showed its soft abdomen to Pascal. Pascal held its slender hind paw, looked at the wound that had turned dark red, and licked with his tongue.

Gerald felt the lion's warm, barbed tongue run over the wound on its hind leg, and suddenly felt a kind of creepy feeling, which was even stronger than when he was first treated by Pascal. From this angle, it couldn't fully see Pascal's movements, but Pascal could see everything it does.

The feeling of being licked by Pascal reminded it of the prey that was about to be devoured. Maybe the lion didn't want to heal his wounds at all. He was just trying to see if the food was right for him. God knows!

In front of the lion's ferocious mouth, Gerald once again felt small.

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"Look at your expression." Pascal turned Gerald back like a tortoise shell, "What, did you think I was going to eat you? I said, you are too thin for me to stuff my teeth. I'd better wait for you to grow up."

Gerald felt a little bit cold, it didn't know whether it should be happy or afraid. At least, it doesn't had to worry about its own life recently. It also knew how slow its growth rate was. From this point of view, it should be a long time before it was really eaten by Pascal as reserve food.

That's it, Gera thought. Its life would always be threatened, either from the grassland or from this lion. Living alone on the grassland, maybe he wouldn't meet the sun of tomorrow; provide this male lion food reserve, and when it's really grown up to be eaten, at least it has the ability to resist or escape.

You couldn't expect the lions to be philanthropists and raised a lion that has no blood relationship with them for no reason, right?

Do excuse their weird name, I spend more time to translate their name and getting out of nothing damn English name in Chinese characters

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