Lion King's Adopted Son
by Yan Yang
Chapter 5 (2)

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"It's hard to imagine how can a quirky little guy like you fight directly with three adult hyenas? Do you think luck will always care for you, huh? Do you not know the immensity of heaven and earth, little guy?" (TN: an exaggerated opinion of one's own abilities)

Now Gerald's eyes were almost dead.

If so, who wanted to bite with those three hyenas? It never thought of itself as a superman or the protagonist who defeated the strong as the weak. To ask such a stupid question, was this lion mentally retarded?

All of a sudden, Gerald's face was cold. Before it could adjust its expression, it was pulled up by Pascal. "You insult me in your heart again, didn't you? Hey, don't play dumb, I see your expression!"


"It's no use pretending to be dead." Pascal's head moved closer to Gerald and showed him his sharp teeth, "If you pretend to be dead, you will be eaten."

Gerald had a kind of 'ah, wasn't this really a conversation between two children in kindergarten' feeling.

It wasn't until Pascal's sharp teeth touched his neck that Gerald felt a deep sense of crisis, and the hairs all over his body stood up. What does the lion in front of it had to do with it? How could it be sure that he wouldn't kill it? Because he saved it from the three hyenas? Ha, this was really the funniest joke of this century.

Protect and being protected, trust and being trusted, in the case of unequal power between the two sides, any relationship was so thin.

Seeing the little guy nestled in his arms, Pascal didn't dare to move. Pascal was in a good mood. He was not a bully people, oh no, lion, but somehow bullying this little guy made him feel very fulfilled.

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At this time, Pascal did not know how much trouble his evil taste would bring him in the future.


It didn't take Pascal much time to get from the edge of the territory to the center of the den. In fact, if not for Gerald's injury, he could have been quicker.

The members of Pascal's pride were nine females and three males. They heard Pascal's roar and came out to meet him.

Gerald's eyes widened. It doesn’t have a common sense to know that the leader of a lion pride was usually one or several male lions. The males who could share the Lion King's position and territory were usually brothers. But in front of it, there were three male lions, plus Pascal himself was four, they don't seem to be similar at all. What the hell was going on!

Then came the scene which made him even more unbelievable. All the lioness and the lion bowed their heads before Pascal, giving him the highest respect as the king who came back.

Pascal and the other three lions were not like partners at all. They are more like subjects and the ruler. This relationship was not uncommon in the human world, but it was the first time that Gerald had seen it in the animal world. Gerald was even more puzzled by the lioness's attitude towards Pascal.

You must know that, although the male lion looked majestic and dominated the whole group of lions, they were actually just passers-by. When they had the ability to drive away all the invaders, they were the leaders of the lion pride; when they were defeated and driven away by other lion pride, they had nothing. It's the lioness that really dominated the lion pride. Therefore, although they were in awe of the lion, they would not be completely submissive as what Gerald saw in front of its eyes.

For the first time, Gerald had a strong interest in Pascal's lion pride.

"Welcome back, My Lord." One of the male lions came forward, and it seemed that he was the second only to Pascal in Pascal's pride. His polite manner made Gerald suspect that he was from a civilized society, not from the wild. Then, to Gerald's surprise, the lion lifted its front paws and turned into a person in a burst of deep purple light.

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