Lion King's Adopted Son
by Yan Yang
Chapter 5 (1)

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In front of the angry lion, even the bravest hyena has to avoid its edge.

What's more, there were only three hyenas, and there was no way to threaten the male lion in terms of force or number.

Hyenas dare to hunt down lion cubs and could compete with adult lions, but if not necessary, they were unwilling to confront adult lions, whether it was a powerful male lion or a female lion who was a good hunter.

In front of Pascal, they retreated, they left their prey and fled. It's not the first time they've done this. Natalie's hyena cackle where they had lived in was driven away by Pascal, the new lion king of this land. With the loss of the inherent territory of the hyenas, Natalie, the hyena leader, lost a lot of prestige among the hyenas, and soon Nardelli took her place.

As the hyenas were constantly integrated, the three of them, as loyal supporters of former leader Natalie, were also driven out of the hyena cackle. They couldn't hunt in the newly-occupied territory of the race. As outsiders, they couldn't touch the interests of local hyenas. In order to survive, they could only run to the edge of the territory of the two lion prides and the hyena cackle.

In order to avoid the lions and their kin, they even changed their hunting time to noon. As at this time, lions usually sleep in their dens in order to avoid the scorching sun from burning their fur, and hyenas also like to move at night.

Who could tell them what happened to the lion roaring behind them? They had never heard Pascal so angry, even when he drove out Natalie's hyena cackle, he was dignified and calm. And just now... when they heard Pascal's roar, they almost thought they would be torn to pieces by him the next moment.

The angry lion looked at the lion cub, who had no strength to stand on the ground, and his eyes were cold. He didn’t give too much attention to the hyenas who fled. Anyway, he had remembered their smell. Their death was just...

He stepped forward and licked the dying little lion. He was not sure if he came a little later, he would see a pile of minced meat. Indeed, this was a rare little guy that interested him.

The little fellow gave him a weak look and closed his eyes again. Only from the slight tremor of the pale yellow fur could he feel that it was still alive. The lion simply squatted down and carefully licking the wound for the little lion, first his eyes and then his back. The degree of care was comparable to giving him a bath. Maybe even lioness doesn't care so much when they bathe their children.

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Felt the lion's thick and warm tongue wandering around its wound, Gerald felt embarrassed. Although knowing that licking was a common phenomenon in the animal world, it still could not adapt to it.

Too close. This distance, this attitude, has exceeded the range it could tolerate.

And who's ever seen a lion licking its cubs? It's usually the lioness's job. Who has ever seen a lion lick other lions' cubs instead of rushing forward to kill them? This was ridiculous.

But now, Gerald has no choice. How to make a lion cub that was so badly injured that it couldn't even stand to protest against an adult male lion? At least Gerald thought it was impossible.

Therefore, it could only let Pascal pick itself up. In terms of its body size, it was very small in front of Pascal. Pascal only needed one mouthful to swallow it. Although he knew that Pascal would not end his life immediately since he saved himself, the posture that it life was threatened at any time still made Gerald extremely uneasy.

As if sensed the shivering under the fur of the little thing he was holding in his mouth, Pascal raised his front paw and turned into a human figure in a golden glow. He lifted Gerald to his face. "Hey, be quiet, you little fellow. You don't want the wound to grow bigger, do you?" This was a tall, vigorous and strong man. The contrast of power was so great that Gerald was like a plush toy in his hands.

But now Gerald couldn't care. He was nestled in Pascal's arms and looked at him weakly, unable to speak. Its bloody smell has attracted many hidden predators nearby, but they were afraid to step forward because of the lion.

The coveted feeling made Gerald miserable. Similarly, Pascal's strong and aggressive breath made him feel depressed and afraid. But it couldn't help it. Now it was just a prey to the predators on the grassland.

Pascal could feel Gera's discomfort. He reached out and stroked the soft fur on his head, and slightly restrained his breath, "You are a dishonest little guy..."

Gerald buried it head in Pascal's arms and rolled it eyes quietly.

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