Lion King's Adopted Son
by Yan Yang
Chapter 5 (3)

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Gerald had seen this method of transforming form in Pascal. It seemed that it and Pascal were not the only lions that could become human. Ah, of course, what's more important was that when the two male lions change shape, there was a circle of light around them. Gerald doesn't know what that meant, but it didn't had it.

The lion stared at Gerald in Pascal's arms, lowered his head and sniffed the cub. "My Lord, this is..."

"I've seen this lion cub." The lioness leader, Vana suddenly said, "Its mother Lily—— the once wandering lioness, is the same as us."

"So this cub is also..."

"I've heard the rumor that it doesn't grow up."

"Well, it seems that our guess is correct. It going to be one of us." The lionesses were discussed spiritedly.

"My Lord, he is a child of Ghana. Now, its here. Was it abandoned by Ghana's lion pride?" said Leorde, the lion second only to Pascal. "Oh, I mean, if it was not abandoned by Ghana's lion pride, maybe we should send it back, otherwise it might lead to disputes with their pride."

"We are not afraid of Ghana's lion pride, but winter is coming. We should reserve as much prey as possible, rather than spend our time and energy on guarding against the vengeance of Ghana's lion pride. Oh, of course, if you're going to capture Ghana's lions now to expand our hunting range, then there's nothing to say. However, I must remind you that this is not a good time to expand our territory. After all, your uncle, Lord Serand..."

"Oh, yes, I have to be on guard against Serand, so I can't make too much movement, right? My dear Leo, you are wrong. From the day I was exiled by Serand, I was a dead person in his eyes. He doesn't care about a dead man. Even if I occupied all the wild lions' territory, I'm afraid he will also not spare a glance. Therefore, what you worry about will not come true."

During the talk, Pascal took a look at the little lion, which was the size of his own palm, and held it in his arms. His face sank as he noticed that the little guy looked downcast.

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"But I can't let you take the risk. Maybe the scouting troops of Lord Serand..."

"This has nothing to do with me keeping this child. Listen, Leorde von Acanthes, I've made a decision, and you only have to choose whether to obey." the Lion King said, "From today on, Gerald is my son, I will not give my son to anyone... even Ghana."

Pascal was too lazy to pay attention to the internal disputes among Ghana's lion pride. Since he found the little guy, he had no intention of returning it. As for Ghana, if he abandoned his own child, then he deserved to die; even if it was not his intention to abandon Gerald, he did not take care of the little guy, which nearly killed the little guy in the mouth of hyenas, he deserved to lose his child.

From the look of the Lion King that was different from the past, Leorde could see his seriousness. In the end, the loyal subordinate lowered his head, "Yes, My Lord, I understand. If this is your will."

Pascal nodded his head with satisfaction, transformed back to the form of a lion, and took Gerald back to his den.

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