His Son Has A Richest Billionaires Dad
by Shou Xin
Chapter 7: Sleep (Stay Together)

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Before waiting too long, Cheng Yang heard the sound of the door being pushed. He lay on his side, turned on the recording mode on his mobile phone, closed his eyes, and listened to a footstep approaching.

As soon as the senior executive entered the room, he saw a man lying on the bed, and the other person was facing him. However, but the little outline of the face that showed him made the senior executive excited.

At the thought of having this beautiful boy right away, the senior executive even swallowed his saliva.

When he came to the bed, he first lifted half of the quilt covered Cheng Yang's body, then turned Cheng Yang's body over. The fat man was preparing to lean down, and the closed eyelid suddenly opened.

The sparks were bright in those eyes and there was no sign of slightest disoriented in his eyes.

The senior executive was shocked and couldn't understand how Cheng Yang clearly woke up after taking the drug.

"It's you." Cheng Yang of course remembered this man. Yesterday, this man looked at him as greedy and disgusting as hyenas saw delicious meat.

"You didn't take the medicine?" The senior executive felt that the only possibility should be this. Otherwise, Cheng Yang did nothing.

"Yes." Cheng Yang sat up, the smile on his face looked cold and frightening, and the senior executive backed away a little.

"Then how do you..."

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Cheng Yang interrupted the other person's words before he finished, "Should I unconscious? These two prescribed medicines were ordered by you, am I right?"

Cheng Yang got out of bed and his cell phone continued to record.

"I gave hundreds of thousands of rewards just to make friends with you." The senior executive changed the subject.

Cheng Yang walked to the TV, unscrewed the bottle cap, and drank.

"What kind of friend, a friend who you can go to bed with?" Cheng Yang hooked his lips and smiled sarcastically.

"You play a very good game, as long as you willing to follow me, I can immediately let you into the professional team." The senior executive threw bait to Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang simply laughed. He reached into his pocket and turns off the recording.

"Thank you for your kindness, but to tell you the truth, you look so ugly. I feel like I'm going to spit out my lunch." Cheng Yang raised his eyebrows, and his face was full of mockery.

"What are you talking about? Cheng Yang, don't be shameless!" The senior executive was directly irritated by Cheng Yang and rushed on Cheng Yang violently at the next moment.

Cheng Yang's body was pushed backward and hit the edge of the cabinet. The pain in his back made Cheng Yang wrinkled his eyebrows.


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