There Is Chef Yu In The Entertainment Circle
by Unawakened For Years
Chapter 7: A Bowl of Chrysanthemum Tofu Soup

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In fact, everyone has seen these ingredients a long time ago, but at this time, they still cooperate with each other and make a surprise appearance around.

The protagonists of this program were naturally Zhao Ang and Sun Wangshu. The flowers they chose were roses, and they also took a few eggs.

When they have chosen, the other four would go up to choose the ingredients.

What Zhong Tianyao had in mind was peach blossom. No matter how delicious the dishes were, the peach blossoms at least look good.

When she was about to get it, Pang Yujie took the peach blossom first.

If only she could still talk in private, she was recording the show at the moment, and many people were watching it. It's not easy for her to argue with her predecessors. She couldn't help to feel annoyed that Pang Yujie was deliberate.

"Sister Tianyao, let's choose chrysanthemum." Yu Siyang took a piece of tofu and various mushrooms in his hand.

"Will you do it?" Zhong Tianyao chose several golden chrysanthemums. She still couldn't believe that a boy in his twenties could cook, but there was no better way. She only hoped that Yu Siyang's dishes were not too bad to eat, and they could be swallowed.

The host came one by one to ask the three groups what they were going to cook. When Zhong Tianyao was asked, she was stupidly staring at Yu Siyang, who was already cutting mushrooms neatly. She also asked, "What are we going to cook?" He said he could cook. It was true! It's absolutely impossible for such a sweet boy to use a knife skilfully to make dark dishes.

Yu Siyang looked up at the camera smiled and said, "Chrysanthemum tofu."

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"Wow... Yu Siyang, you have a good knife skill." Yun Jiaojiao stood beside him watching him cut various mushrooms into thin shreds. She couldn't look away. "Did you learn it?"

"Sister Jiaojiao, I've learned how to cook." Yu Siyang quickly cut the mushrooms and asked Zhong Tianyao to help him bring a soup pot and made soup broth with the mushrooms. Then he put the tofu on the chopping board and selected a small slicing knife to cut the tofu quickly.

His method of cutting tofu was so fast which looked blurred. The cameraman who was shooting a close-up shot of Zhao Ang's cooking could not help but move the lens over.

Yun Jiaojiao and Zhong Tianyao, who were standing by and watching, were already dumbfounded, and the audience also exclaimed one after another.

Suddenly, Yu Siyang finished cut a piece of tofu.

Yun Jiaojiao used her fingers to take a tofu that was as thin as a hair, her eyes and mouth turned into three O's. "Oh my god, oh my god, it's so thin, is this slice really tofu? It's not fake tofu, right?"She pressed hard and shredded tofu in her hand, the tofu shreds on her hand broke into two pieces.

"Where do you know how to cook, you are clearly a chef." Zhong Tianyao's eyes already sparkled.

Yu Siyang sheepishly smiled, he was embarrassed and pretend to see the temperature of the mushroom soup broth.

Sun Wangshu, who was supposed to cook with Zhao Ang, also came to join the party and said that she was waiting for Yu Siyang's tofu.

Zhao Ang stretched his head to look towards Yu Siyang while cooking, and waved to Yu Siyang, "Xiao Yu, come and help Brother Ang cut the vegetables."


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