Today The Manager Is Also Very Kind
by He Wu
Chapter 11: Xia Zeqi Car Crash

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Chapter 11.2

As soon as Xin Nanyi saw that she didn't care, he handed her the contract and said, "Zhao Yanyuan, you are twenty years old, and you are already an adult. If you make a decision, sign it! I've read all the terms of this contract. There's no problem." This was the only thing he could do as an agent.

Zhao Yanyuan raised her eyes and sneered scornfully. She picked up the contract and signed it.

Qiao Cheng also closed her mouth and chose to hide behind Xin Nanyi. From time to time, she secretly glanced at him. Although the former Nan Ge was very bad, the present Nan Ge could give her a sense of inexplicable security. Instead of choosing another road like Yanyuan, it's better to follow Nan Ge's planned route first.

It's evening after signing the contract. Wang Xiaoming, the driver, was waiting outside. They got in the van and went back. Nobody spoke on the way, which made Wang Xiaoming felt awkward for a while.

The audition site was in the outskirts, Xinyu was in the center of the city, which was still far away.

Xin Nanyi sat in the front passenger seat and looked out of the window. At this time, he saw a car passing their car at a high speed, and there was another car in the back, chasing each other.

"What's the matter with those two cars in front! In particular, the car at the front is not only speeding but also unstable."

"Just leave them alone and drive seriously." As soon as Xin Nanyi said that words, he saw that the car in front of him suddenly swung to the side of the driveway and made a turn, and then caught the car behind and couldn't stop it. The vehicle in front was knocked over by the collision.

"Ah!" Zhao Yanyuan and Qiao Cheng screamed and hurriedly covered their eyes.

At this time, two people with cameras came down from the car behind. They didn't save people first, but they took the camera to take photos in the overturned car.

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Xin Nanyi frowned and looked at the front and back driving recorders of his van car. Then he took some photos in the car with hid mobile phone to left the card.

He put on his mask and hat and said to Wang Xiaoming, "You stop by the side and call the police." Then he turned around and said to Qiao Cheng, "You call 120 immediately."

Although Xin Nanyi was wearing a mask now, he spoke in a low muffled voice, but the two of them could hear him clearly.

Wang Xiaoming stopped at the side of the road smoothly and began to call the police. Qiao Cheng also called an ambulance.

As soon as Xin Nanyi drove down, he rushed to the front, took a picture of the car with the mobile phone in his hand, and then took pictures of the two people with a camera from head to toe.

"Who the hell are you! What are you taking pictures of!" One of the men with a pointed jaw pushed Xin Nanyi. But Xin Nanyi's fat body is not always white. Instead of pushing Xin Nanyi, he was pushed back to the ground by Xin Nanyi. Even his camera fell to the ground, and the lens was directly broken.

Another person wanted to get started when he saw this, but he was kicked to the ground by Xin Nanyi.

"Do you fucking know how much the camera costs us?"

"It's not worth human life anyway." Xin Nanyi replied coldly.

He struggled on the ground and looked at the people in the car.


Chapter 11.2

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