Today The Manager Is Also Very Kind
by He Wu
Chapter 11: Xia Zeqi Car Crash

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Chapter 11.2

Xia Zeqi's agent was not in the capital just today, so as soon as Xin Nanyi took the initiative to help Xia Zeqi greet the group of reporters and played Taiji. (TN: someone pushing something around, not giving a clear answer or a true statement)

After the ambulance rescued all the people, Xia Zeqi, who was lying on the stretcher, waved to Xin Nanyi and said, "Can you accompany us to the hospital? I'm afraid there are reporters over there. I can't handle them."

"Ok." Xin Nanyi did not refuse. In the entertainment circle, the most important thing was to be kind to people. Although they had friends before, they have deeper friendships and were harmless. To be a good friend with such a great film emperor, there was no need to be embarrassed in the future.

There were three people in the car. The female assistant sat in the front passenger's seat was the most seriously injured. She suffered a moderate concussion and broke two ribs. One of the broken ribs stuck to the spleen, caused heavy bleeding. Fortunately, the rescue was timely and she was out of danger after the operation. The driver had airbags to block some injuries, mild concussion and fracture on the calf. Xia Zeqi sat in the back seat and was used to wearing the seat belt. Fortunately, he only injured his wrist. He also had some small bruises on his body, but they were not serious.

It was already two o'clock in the morning when everything was handled.

After Xia Zeqi finished the transcript, he came out and saw Xin Nanyi sitting in a row of chairs in the hospital corridor. In the past few hours, he has finished writing about reporters and made notes to the police.

Xin Nanyi saw him out and smiled at him, "Just now the person in charge of your company has come, they will control the public opinion."

Xia Zeqi's performance company was called TPM, which was the company with the best actor resources in the industry.

Xia Zeqi nodded and said, "I know." He has great confidence in the ability of his employees. Yes, TPM was Xia Zeqi's company. He was the largest shareholder and the biggest board member there. Although he does not involved in the management, all company's executives were all saddled with his lead. The current chairman of TPM was also selected by Xia Zeqi himself.

"Today is really hard work for you, thank you!" Xia Zeqi approached and extended his hand. He saw that Xin Nanyi's eyes were a little red, his eyes were full of bloodshot. His voice was not obvious, but his fleshy face was already showing some tiredness.

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Xin Nanyi smiled gently and took his hand, "It's a little thing between friends. Even if it's not a friend, seeing this kind of thing, I should also help you."

Xia Zeqi looked at the warm spring like smile on his face, and the corner of his mouth could not help curved. His cold face suddenly softened up, and he murmured in his heart without showing traces: he talked like not one drop of water could leak out. (TN: tell a story without missing a single circumstance)

"You're thinner." Xia Zeqi unconsciously said this sentence. As soon as he said it, he was stunned and his dark eyebrows wrinkled.

Xin Nanyi was sluggish. He didn't expect that Xia Zeqi would come out with such a sentence. He laughed and said, "I can't help it. I was so fat that I couldn't even see it before, so I do weight loss, but the effect was not obvious!"

Xia Zeqi was relieved to see that he didn't care, his heart touched. "Can you give me your contact information? I will make some time to invite you to have a meal to express my gratitude."

Xin Nanyi didn't think much about it, so he exchanged contact information with him.

After the two said goodbye to each other and went home, the film emperor looked at a phone number and saw the early morning without closing his eyes all night.

At noon on the second day, Xin Nanyi saw the hot search of "Xia Zeqi's car accident" on Weibo.

This hot search has been hung up since last night, and it still maintained its popularity. Countless fans and passers-by come in to watch and expressed their concern.

This Weibo's hot search, no matter the official blog, news agency or the photos sent by big V of major entertainment news, does not have the huge figure of Xin Nanyi, which made Nan Ge who was sweating on the treadmill very satisfied.

After a while, the cause of the accident burst out on Weibo.

It turned out to be two new reporters of a gossip newspaper. Don't know where they got the news that the secret girlfriend was still hidden in Xia Zeqi's car that day. In order to be famous, they used immature and immoral rookies' methods to chase and stop Xia Zeqi's car. Coincidentally, his car was just touched by an anti-fan that day, and there was something wrong with the steering wheel, which led to the accident.

Now the police have caught the two unscrupulous journalists and the insane anti-fan.

There was a lot of noise on the internet, and everyone's comments focused on these three points: first, the anti-fan was vicious; second, the unscrupulous paparazzi's morality was corrupt, they only care to get the information, but they don't care about other people's safety. After the accident, they didn't call an ambulance, they just care to take pictures there; third, the great film emperor Xia suffered innocently, all kinds of fans sympathize, felt sorry and wanted to hug him.

However, Xin Nanyi, who scrolled the comments over and over again, focused on the source of "Xia Zeqi's girlfriend", whether it was fake material, one of the anti-fan's plans or just someone trying to pull a scandal.

He wrinkled his eyebrows without too much entanglement. With the ability of TPM, it's not difficult to find this thing.


Chapter 11.2

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