Today The Manager Is Also Very Kind
by He Wu
Chapter 11: Xia Zeqi Car Crash

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"Hello! Brother, is there anything wrong? I've called the ambulance and the police."

There was a faint sound from the car. Xin Nanyi could tell from that sound that there were three people in the car, one in the driver's seat, one in the passenger seat and one in the back seat.

As soon as the two people that took pictures heard that Xin Nanyi had called the police, they hurried to get in the car and ran.

Xin Nanyi didn't stop them, anyway, they couldn't escape.

"Xin Nanyi......" A weak call came from the overturned car.

As soon as Xin Nanyi heard his name, he hurriedly looked into the car. Was that his acquaintance?

"You are..."

"Xia Zeqi." There was a little helplessness in that voice. He heard Xin Nanyi's voice, but the other person...

"Oh!" Xin Nan remembered the figure, "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine. You help me see my assistant and driver."

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Xin Nanyi struggled to squat and looked at the big hole where the windshield was smashed. There was an airbag in the driver's seat. He couldn't see what was wrong with the driver, but judging by his voice, he was still alive. As soon as Xin Nanyi turned around, he looked at the female assistant in the front passenger seat. Her forehead was injured and she was continuously bleeding. She was still conscious and her mouth was constantly twitching.

"All alive." Xin Nanyi said to Xia Zeqi.

"That's good."

"What the hell is going on?"

"I just didn't know why a paparazzi with a car chased for no reason, holding the camera and constantly took pictures in the car. In order to get rid of them, I accelerated the speed. I didn't expect that the steering wheel suddenly had some trouble. It was difficult to control, and it became... It's now like this." The driver knew that his boss didn't like to say so much, so he spoke weakly.

As soon as Xin Nanyi saw his voice getting weaker, he couldn't help but worry. "Hold on, the ambulance will come soon."

About ten minutes later, the police and the ambulance arrived.

Xin Nanyi asked Wang Xiaoming to take off the car's dashcam and handed the photo on his mobile phone to the police for evidence.

The other reporters also heard the news, Xin Nanyi greeted the police and asked Wang Xiaoming to take the two girls back.


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