Error 504

 Ray ID: 5d8548a01729ddf9 • 2020-09-25 14:02:45 UTC

Gateway time-out

bla bla bla etc ect

That's what Patreon response to my browser for the last 10 minutes (currently 9:05 PM when I writing this)

Yes, sometimes I hate Patreon
Slow loading... I mean by slow is SLOW!

Not only on my PC browser, but also on my smartphone

At first, I thought it's because my laptop still on Windows 7 (so what, I still love the OS, though I also have Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 ready to use)
But after I tried to open it on my smartphone browser, I also got slow loading as a response from Patreon
It's not the first time, that's why I said "sometimes I hate Patreon"

Now I'm currently fixing "the tier problem", because of many shits happened, and Patreon CS didn't give me a satisfying response
From now on, Official Patron only $1 every month
So, if you still on the old tier, just delete it and move to the new tier

Sorry for the inconvenient on this month (_ _)