Florist Little Boss
by Ink Drop in White Paper
Chapter 11: Big Customer

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Chapter 11.2

As soon as Tang Chen got on the car, he sent a text message to Bai Ye.

Sneaked out and was caught.

Bai Ye replied in seconds, 「See, the amount of forwarding on the Weibo is almost over a million.

Tang Chen's hand shook, secretly glanced at Qian Zhiwen, who was driving carefully in front of him. No wonder he was so angry. "What should I do if Qian Ma becomes a dinosaur? Wait online, it's very urgent!"

The other people gave back three words, "Salad with dressing."

Tang Chen looked emaciated. It's over!

Sent Tang Chen away, Gao Yang was going to find some milk for little Gao Xun. Little Gao Xun now drank milk five times a day, 210 ml each time. Gao Yang planned to add some supplementary food to him next month.

Dai Jia walked into the flower shop at this time and saw a handsome man holding a bottle to feed his baby. The picture should not be too warm.

"What can I do for you?" Gao Yang asked when he saw her.

"Oh, yes." Dai Jia changed back to a professional woman in a second and took out a business card from her bag. "I want to order a year's flowers here. I don't know if you can deliver them."

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He couldn't do anything about it. Gao Yang beckoned her to wait for a moment and called out to the inner room, "Aunt Huang, come here for a moment."

Huang Qianyi came out in an apron. She was cutting vegetables. "What's the matter?"

"The lady said she would order flowers from us."

Dai Jia took the initiative to explain, "It's like this, our boss heard that the flowers here are very good. We want to order one year's flowers here, we need to send a bunch to our company every day. As for what kind of flowers, you can choose them."

"Where is your company? Is it far from here? If it's too far, we can't deliver it." Although listening to a big list, the guests didn't pick the flowers, but there were only two people in their shop, she and Gao Yang. The manpower was too small, and she was not reluctant to recruit people, but it depended on their performance.

"It's not far. Huanyu Group, it's just a ten minute drive."

Huang Qianyi heard that it was Huanyu Group, and it was indeed not far away. "When do you need to deliver it?"

"It'll be delivered before eight every morning." Their company's rule was nine to five, but since Qin Shaoyan took over, overtime was a common thing.

"That will do." Huang Qianyi nodded and agreed. She went to pick up the flowers at five every day. By seven o'clock, she had plenty of time.

Dai Jia took out the contract that had been prepared for a long time. "Look at the above terms. Can our company make a monthly settlement with you?" Before that, the flowers they ordered with another company were also on a monthly basis. She went to the financial department for a few hundred yuan a day, and they were impatient to do it.


Chapter 11.2

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