Florist Little Boss
by Ink Drop in White Paper
Chapter 11: Big Customer

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"Okay." Huang Qianyi thought it's kay. Spent a bunch of flowers a day for tens of thousands of dollars a month. They were big listed companies. It's impossible to depend on your money. The terms of the contract were clear and reasonable, and she signed at the end.

"Happy cooperation." Dai Jia took the signed contract and went back to hand it in with satisfaction.

Gao Yang didn't say a word from the beginning to the end, and accompanied little Gao Xun to play. Huang Qianyi put the contract in the drawer of the counter and said to Gao Yang, "I heard that their company's greening is all covered by big companies. How can they come to our small shop to order flowers this time?"

Huang Qianyi's shop it's not big or small, but compared with other people's green planting companies, it's very inconspicuous.

"Maybe they are tired of looking at the company's flowers every day and want to change it for a new one." Gao Yang said.

Huang Qian smiled and said, "Don't worry about it. Anyway, there's a business here. Let's do it seriously."

Gao Yang thought so too.

"By the way," Huang Qianyi suddenly thought of something that she had been so busy in the morning that she almost forgot. "I went to the flower garden today. The boss there told me that a plant called succulent plants has become popular recently. She had it. I looked at it, and it was very beautiful. I wanted to get in some. We cleaned the one beside the glass. In the afternoon, I would order a wooden shelf."

Since Gao Yang had little Gao Xun, he was busy taking care of him. He didn't have time to surf the internet. He didn't understand some of the current popular things. He also heard about the succulent plants for the first time. Since the owner said it would be good, "Okay, I'll clear that piece out."

Don't look at how small this place was. It would take some time to sort it out. In the evening, Gao Yang coaxed little Gao Xun to sleep. After checked on the internet, he found that the succulent plants were very popular. The small pot, like a cactus, doesn't need to be watered often. It's not easy to die. It's good to keep. However, it couldn't be put in the sun, just a little light.

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Many young people like to raise them very much. The sales of several stores on a certain treasure have reached tens of thousands. The higher price of the succulent plants was hundreds of yuan, and the lower price was a few yuan. Gao Yang just understood a little, and found that the water in the succulent plant was very deep.

Gao Yang turned off Taobao, opened MS which had not been logged in for a long time, and kept scrolling as soon as it went up.

Lian Fa (a year ago): Is the handsome guy here? We have several documents of Arabic that need to be translated. Do you have time to take them?

Guang Hui (7 months ago): Great god, I have a material in Italian that needs your help to translate. The price is the old rule.

Bermuda (5 months ago): Hello, I have three Russian documents that I need your help translating. Do you still want to take the request?

Chen Hui (4 months ago): Brother, you haven't been in school for nearly a year. Are you very busy recently?


There are as many as 50 unread messages. Gao Yang read the messages they left, and most of them came to him for translation. The only friend he made was Chen Hui. What's the matter? I'll tell my friends if there's something wrong, etc.. All the others asked him where he has gone.

One meter of sunshine reply Lian Fa: I'm very busy after graduation. I haven't had time to go online. If there is any translation work, you can continue to find me, but I only go online at night.

One meter of sunshine reply Guang Hui: Have you graduated yet? Have you passed all the exams?


Gao Yang replied to them one by one, and several online ones responded to him.

Guang Hui: I just finished a team battle, and you contacted me. I was barely passed the exam T﹏T, and now I'm an intern.

Bermuda: OK, we will cooperate in the future.

A tail fish: Great god, you've been missing for a year and a half. Do you think of me again?


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