Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 47: A Little Red (2)

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Ling Senhao who returned to the car was a bit afraid. Although he got what he wanted to tell everyone, he also put Mo Shaoqing on the cusp of the storm, and he did not know if he was scared.

"How is it? Are you ok?"

Mo Shaoqing has completely calmed down. "It's okay, it's very new and odd! It's the first time I've seen so many reporters, haha!"

Seeing that Mo Shaoqing was not frightened by the battle at all, he looked excited. Ling Senhao was a little proud. Seeing the people he liked, he was so different.

"That press conference, shall I go?"

Ling Senhao saw that his face was flushed and he was panting a little. There was some sweat in his forehead. He felt something in his heart and could not help touching his hair.

Mo Shaoqing froze, he was a little stiff.

Two people sit alone in the car, filled with a hint of embarrassment.

Ling Senhao quickly explained, "No need. I'll find a stylist for you to design your hairstyle."

Mo Shaoqing breathed a sigh of relief. After all, he was a little bent. He would inevitably think more about what the person with the same-sex did to him. If the other person didn't mean anything, he would not be affectionate. Besides, the other person was Mr. Ling, his boss!

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Ling Senhao personally drove Mo Shaoqing to the dormitory downstairs. After the two said goodbye, the heat on Mo Shaoqing's face dropped.

The news that Mo Shaoqing was signed by Xingyang Entertainment soon became the headline of many entertainment news. But because it's only an informal interview with reporters, and many of the reporters that day were just financial reporters, there were no attached pictures.

But even so, Mo Shaoqing's name spread throughout the school and even other schools.

A young newcomer without an identity background, suddenly entered the circle, was promised the best resources by the authorities. The ripples were like the lava dripped into the water and suddenly boiled.

It's not how excellent he was, it's just the establishment of Xingyang Entertainment. The outside world was thinking about what actions it would take in addition to signed some old actors, such as dug the corner of which house... It's estimated that there would be a lot of good shows.


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