Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 46: A Little Red (1)

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The crowd that had just been crowded together automatically separated to make a way. At the end on the other side was a smiling Ling Shenhao with a gentle face...

Suddenly exposed to the public eye, Mo Shaoqing was a little nervous, but he seemed to understand Mr. Ling's intention. He took a deep breath, put on a proper smile, and walked to Ling Senhao.

A reporter put the microphone in front of Ling Senhao and asked straightforwardly, "Is the excellent person that Mr. Ling said in his speech today referring to this new person?"

Ling Senhao answered without changing his face and heartbeat, "Anyone could be——

"However, he is excellent, and will be a new person that our company will try its best to build."

Some reporters were unwilling to accept Ling Senhao's ambiguous answer, and wanted to dig deeper into some news. They pointed directly at the little newcomer.

"What's the reason why President Ling signed you?"

"Do you have a background?"

"As a complete newcomer, now, what do you think?"

The microphone rushed to Mo Shaoqing, who still kept a proper smile.

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The media were naturally respectful to the people of the famous Claire Group. It's quite impolite to Mo Shaoqing, a little man of unknown origin. He just asked him how he could hook up with the president of Xingyang Entertainment.

Ling Senhao told him to "give it to me" in the shape of his mouth, and then gently pushed away the microphone that was quickly poked into Mo Shaoqing's face. "Next, a large press conference was held at Xingyang Entertainment Conference to introduce all the artists of our company. At that time, we will answer all the questions you are interested in."

Monica came up and said, "This is the end of today's interview!" And stop the reporters who still wanted to go forward.

The security guards began to maintain order, guarded Ling Senhao and Mo Shaoqing left the school under heavy microphones and flashlights.

Although the reporters behind were very reluctant, they could only give up on this. Who let Xingyang Entertainment be behind Claire Group!


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