Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 45: Sign a Contract

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Chapter 45.3

Lin Wan: "Thank you, Xuezhang."

Mo Shaoqing: "Mr. Ling, ah no, it's President Ling. I'll leave first."

"Wait a moment, let's exchange the contact information. I haven't arranged an agent for you yet. I let you feel bad for the moment. Contact me first!" Ling Senhao said righteousnessly and awe-inspiring. At last, he asked Mo Shaoqing's phone number smoothly.

Lin Wan followed Mo Shaoqing out of the groove, thinking of countermeasures all the way.

Mo Shaoqing asked, "Why haven't you been with the second child recently?"

Lin Wan changed the topic, "Mo Xuezhang, my program failed. Now I have nothing to do. Can I help you? I don't want a salary!"

"Of course you can!" Mo Shaoqing easily let it go. After all, he was short of people, and Lin Wan was his brother's girlfriend. And he always felt sorry for Lin Wan's failure.

But Lin Wan didn't think so. Just now she saw Mo Shaoqing and President Ling talking happily. At present, the senior must had a background that she didn't know. If she followed him, she may get in touch with people in his circle. But her hopes were doomed to fail.

Ling Senhao walked out of the school, and Monica greeted him immediately.

"President Ling, there are many reporters waiting to interview you outside. Do you want to go from the back or accept the interview?" In fact, Monica had guessed Ling Senhao's decision, but still asked.

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Ling Senhao really wanted to say no, but he felt uncomfortable when he thought back of Mo Shaoqing and the strange woman who had just left.

Suddenly he had a wonderful idea in his mind, "Accept the interview, you can arrange it!"

Monica was a little surprised, but she went ahead quickly to arrange it.

Meanwhile, Mo Shaoqing, who was preparing to make a cake, received a text message.

Mr. Ling: Come to the school gate.

Mo Shaoqing looked for the address on the text message and came to the gate of the campus. However, he saw that there were reporters and flashing lights everywhere.

"Here he come——" Ling Senhao turned his attention to Mo Shaoqing.


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Chapter 45.3

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