Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 45: Sign a Contract

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Ling Senhao heard it, he knew that he might have drilled the horn. (TN: insignificant or insoluble problem)

"After that, I saw someone talking about it in the forum. They all thought that the price of our restaurant was too expensive and engaged in crimes. After all, it was because the restaurant itself had no fame and no influence background.

"But the restaurants funded by big stars are not the same. Because of the stars' effect, even if they sell at twice or even three times the market price, some people will buy them. They can even say that they are living on reputation, and others think their restaurants are worth a try.

"What I need is that it's worth a try. I hope everyone can come to Mo's Cuisine House to taste our dishes. Then, in the end, it's worth it or not. I'm sure they think it's worth it.

"So, I decided to join your company and make myself stronger. I want to be the powerful backer of our family."

Another point was that if he could make more money, he could also repay his parents and big brother faster. So that his grandparents could enjoy their old age. Let the whole family live a good life, which was the goal he had been striving for since his rebirth.

Ling Senhao looked at the confident boy in front of his eyes, and suddenly his heart filled with pride. The person I like should be like this!

After a willful talk, Mo Shaoqing realized that he was really talking big in front of Mr. Ling.

"That... I..." Mo Shaoqing scratched his head. How could he rush and bump like a young man just out of the society? Does Mr. Ling think he was a man beyond his ability?

Who knew that Mr. Ling doesn't mind. He said bluntly, "Very well, I appreciate your confidence. I hope my investment will be rewarded."

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"This is the contract. You can have a look. It's all reasonable..."

Mo Shaoqing was surprised to see him took out a thick contract from the briefcase and handed it to him.

Why does he had the feeling that the other person was already prepared?

Mo Shaoqing read the contract carefully and entrusted the blessings he had worked for so long in his previous life. He still knew about these employment contracts.

He gave Mr. Ling a surprised look. How could he felt that this clause was not only reasonable but also partial to his side?

"Ahem... If you have no objection, we can sign the contract now." Ling Senhao pretended not to care about the look Mo Shaoqing showed.

After signed the contract, Mo Shaoqing felt as if he had been on a pirate ship! (TN: venture of dubious merit)

"Then I hope we can cooperate happily!" Ling Senhao held out his strong and dry big hand.

"Happy cooperation!" Mo Shaoqing reached out his slender fingers and hand to Ling Senhao.

The two hands were overlapped and the color was particularly distinct.


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