Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 44: The Celebration is In Progress

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Chapter 44.3

"Are you here to give a speech?"

"Yes, but since you know it, why didn't you come?" Ling Senhao looked at Mo Shaoqing regretfully.

He doesn't know why, but Mo Shaoqing unexpectedly recognized a little aggrieved element in it, was it just his illusion?

"No... I..." I didn't know it before, I just speculated.

But why do I still feel so sorry...

"I'm really sorry this time. I will definitely go next time." Mo Shaoqing firmly expressed his position.

Ling Senhao thought it was funny. He wanted to say, I'm just teasing you, but his words turned into, "Really?"

It sounds pathetic. Mo Shaoqing just swore to heaven, "I will go!"

"That's good. You must come." Ling Senhao went down the steps.

He leaned closer to Mo Shaoqing's ear and said, "Otherwise you will definitely regret it..."

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Uh... Why does Mo Shaoqing think the scene was inexplicably weird? It seemed that he was... molested.

Then his face turned red.

Although the pretty teenager's blushed nicely, but now Ling Senhao said that there were more things to do now. "Is it convenient to hang out with me?"

"Of course, it's an honor." It's already noon. There were fewer guests in the maid cafe. Mo Shaoqing was still thinking about the other person's "sorry" thing just now. He quickly tidied up the bar and prepared to come out.

At this time, Ling Senhao found that the other person was surrounded by a white apron with lace, which made his waist slimmer... It looked really fascinating!


Chapter 44.3

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