Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 44: The Celebration is In Progress

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Jiang Muhe was surprised that he didn't know whether this student was from the school or not. He didn't know what they were like. Did he had no fame now? He was not happy!

However, it aroused his interest and chatted with Mo Shaoqing with interest.

Qi Yuanshan could only put down what he was going to do, wait patiently and insert a few words in a gentle tone.

Mo Shaoqing learned from the chat between the two middle-aged "husbands" that Jiang Muhe was the alumni of the school, and what's more, although Jiang Muhe looked in his early twenties, he was actually thirty-five. On the contrary, Qi Yuanshan, who seemed to be in his early 40s, was actually 37 years old...

What's wrong with the world?

Mo Shaoqing said: ....

The more they talked, the more speculation they had. From cake to music, from music to movies, but Mo Shaoqing was really busy.

Although Mo Shaoqing didn't heard the names of the two, it didn't hinder his appreciation of the two people. After apologizing, he wrapped some biscuits and paper cups and gave them to Jiang Muhe. Anyway, all the profits were his own.

Jiang Muhe gave Mo Shaoqing a deep look, which made him panic and lead Qi Yuanshan away happily.

On the other side, Ling Senhao, who had been carefully inspected the auditorium for several rounds, said he was disappointed. It seemed that there were no people he wanted to meet...

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Ling Senhao simply said a few words about the analysis of the international financial situation, plus what he had done for Claire Group in recent years. His language was humorous, his professional knowledge was excellent, his personal experience was rich, and he could attract the cheers of the students below by saying a few cases casually.

At the end of the speech, a female college student host asked a question, "I want to know why President Ling gave up the S City Drama College and chose our school?"

The first thing that surfaced in Ling Senhao's mind was Mo Shaoqing's face. He replied, "I believe that really good people are not tied to the school."

The Acting Department of S City Art College was generally acknowledged to be no better than S City Drama College. Now Ling Senhao said so, the students under him immediately boiled. This does not mean that they were better than other schools!

After the speech, a large group of students came forward to ask questions. Where would the school leaders allow it! It's rare to see such a big man. But they couldn't stay with him. Maybe the school could get any sponsorship...

Ling Senhao handed it over to the assistant. He made an excuse and left. He had a more important task to accomplish, and this time he was bound to get it.

Mo Shaoqing welcomed an unexpected guest there.

"Mr. Ling? What are you doing here?"

Heard Mo Shaoqing's voice of surprise and joy, Ling Senhao had some consolation and pretended to be surprised. "Are you a student of this school?"

"Yes, Mr. Ling, it's a coincidence..." Mo Shaoqing speculated that Mr. Ling should have been invited to give a speech and the fact that many well-known people came to the school celebration.


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