Entertainment Food Service
by Tianlai Xing Xuan
Chapter 44: The Celebration is In Progress

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Chapter 44.2

On May 25, when the school celebration day came, the school as a whole had already changed.

Musical fountains that rarely seen on weekdays were turned on, and every tree was decorated with colored lights. Hot air balloons fluttered in the wind with the words welcome. The students were dressed in the uniform of the S Art University and took the guests around.

As early as yesterday evening, the booth of the maid's coffee shop had been built on the field——

The whole booth was made of white cloth. The top of the booth was surrounded by LED star lights. The girls borrowed the maid's clothes and some discarded lace cloth to decorate the discarded desks and chairs in the classroom. Mo Shaoqing also took some green plants from the space to decorate the cafe.

The whole field was immersed in a strong atmosphere of school celebration day.

In the early morning, Mo Shaoqing had baked the small cake that could be placed for a long time and put it into the cupboard.

But after all, he was only one person, and soon found that the task was too heavy and a little busy to come, and some people who were doing nothing were still playing mobile chat.

So, he began to assign work: he opened the fruit bag brought by from the home (the space), ordered five girls to cut the fruit, selected some high-value boys and girls to serve, the rest of the boys helped in the kitchen, and other girls were responsible for preparing coffee. The eldest, the second and the third had been appointed to attract customers.

Next, Mo Shaoqing was going to start making some box cakes and cupcakes, both of which were high-value and delicious, which would naturally take a lot of time.

Then prepared the egg custards and puff pastry, and taught everyone how to make tarts and cream. It was early in the morning, it could be said that he couldn't even drink water.

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"You are so amazing, Mo Shaoqing!"

"The cake is so fragrant and beautiful!"

"Yes, it's done step by step." A few girls came around in twos and threes, tasting and praising.

Mo Shaoqing thought to himself, that's because you didn't saw the way my restaurant getting busy. Otherwise, surely you could understand my hand speed now.

There were a few boys who could make cakes and even fewer boys who could make cakes and looked handsome. The girls sometimes do their own work, sometimes looked at handsome guys making cakes, and felt that life was full of pink bubbles.

Gradually more and more guests began to come. Mo Shaoqing was busier. He baked egg custards one by one and sold them one by one.

Mo Shaoqing turned back to put the cake, but he was startled by a man lying on the cake cabinet.

The man had a babyface. He looked like he's in his early twenties. He's wearing a plaid shirt and a pair of black glasses, he looked like a student.

Mo Shaoqing patted his chest and breathed, "Guest, would you like something to eat?"

"It smells good!" The babyfaced man was immersed in his own world, and then suddenly responded, "Are you the boss?" The man suddenly glowed with a different kind of radiance.


Chapter 44.2

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